What are the best Nintendo Switch VR Games, And Should You Buy Them?

The Nintendo Switch, the home tof Nintendo Switch VR Games
The Nintendo Switch, the home tof Nintendo Switch VR Games

What are the best Nintendo Switch VR Games, And Should You Buy Them?

We’ve all had our version of Nintendo childhood games in our past. Nintendo has not always been an early adopter in recent technology shifts, but they’ve always been very well known for adding their own touch to modern trends to make them unique to their brand. With the rapid increase in VR adoption worldwide, Nintendo released its VR Kit worldwide to compete with competitors with a makeshift headset for Nintendo Switch VR games, to create an immersive experience for its users.

What are the best Nintendo Switch VR Games?

The brand is widely known for its creativity and the Nintendo Labo VR Kit is no different. The kit itself has to be assembled by folding cardboard sheets. The process to assemble doesn’t take too long, but definitely provides the complete ‘Nintendo’ experience when putting it together. The basic concept of the kit is that it links the virtual world to the real one, where you could assemble a car pedal and steering wheel setup for example where you get an immersive driving experience. 

The Kit comes in several varieties but the base model comes with a nostalgic ‘blaster’ attachment, which reminds most users of the NES gun we’ve all played with back in the day. There are two add-ons that can be purchased, one comes with a funny elephant trunk with a camera that is attached to your VR goggles and the other one has a pedal that you can step on and a bird – which seems like the perfect fit for a metaverse game where you can fly. One interesting fact is that it does not come with a head strap, which means that you’d have to physically hold it to your face, which Nintendo claims to be part of its efforts to reestablish the link between the physical and digital worlds.

With VR adoption on the rise globally, the VR gaming industry is making larger strides than ever before. According to research conducted by Statista, over 64 million Americans are projected to use VR in 2022. There is massive potential in the VR space, with the concept of the metaverse propelling more and more research in this direction. The VR space is fully dedicated to making the entire experience as immersive as possible, which is why there is a lot of research being done on VR Headsets, gaming devices, sensor-equipped gloves and bodysuits, and much more! 

Should You Buy The Nintendo Switch VR Games

Keep in mind that there is not a large variety of VR games available within the Nintendo library. The ones listed above are definitely worth buying! Experiencing VR games for Nintendo Switch  in an immersive virtual environment definitely provides an excellent experience that should be pursued at least once. While the framework of the Nintendo Labo VR Kit is not the most convenient one on the market, there are other VR headsets that you can use that are compatible with your Nintendo switch. The prices are a bit steep for some Nintendo Switch VR games, but it is definitely worth it if you’re a fan of the Nintendo franchise. You can also check a few other Multiplayer VR Games played on Nintendo switch.

Nintendo Switch VR Games (Labo)

Nintendo Switch VR Games Releases in the Future

While the Nintendo Labo VR Kit did get some initial momentum, it quickly died down as other brands built better headsets. Nintendo has a huge market they can tap into if they decide to fully enter the VR space. People believe that the Pokémon Legends Arceus 360-degree demonstration by Nintendo earlier this year hints at Nintendo releasing a revamped VR headset soon, but we can only keep our fingers crossed for more Nintendo Switch VR games.

Nintendo games such as Animal Crossing are excellent options to convert into VR games. The wholesome concepts behind their games can appeal to large audiences. Allowing users to fully immerse and explore vast areas would be a huge selling point if they decide to venture into VR.

Purchasing these games and downloading them is extremely easy, simply go over to Nintendo.com and visit their store. Remember to double-check if the Nintendo Switch VR games you’re purchasing are compatible with VR before completing your transaction.

There is absolutely no doubt that Nintendo can be extremely successful in the VR gaming industry, they’ve led the gaming industry for decades before recent technological innovations. But their attempt at VR showcases that they do have the creative mindset necessary to venture into the exciting world of virtual reality and create incredible Nintendo Switch VR games. 

A Nintendo kit could have different types of controllers that can be used in various ways for different types of games. Each game type requires a different range of movement, and that is something that they’d have to consider while making strides towards development. There are numerous competitors who have the early advantage, but the Nintendo franchise can easily overtake them if they decide to fully commit to taking the risk.


Having dominated the gaming industry for quite a while, Nintendo definitely has the vision and capability to compete in the VR space. Their fan base is extremely loyal and will definitely provide the extra support that Nintendo needs to venture into the marketplace. This is because there is a certain element of nostalgia attached to each game, we’ve all played them while growing up. Individuals can relive their childhood memories, only this time, you’re actually IN the game. It’s a completely different experience when playing VR Nintendo Switch games and you can have fun exploring and completing missions.

As mentioned before, the sounds, animations and effects are amplified when using VR. With Nintendo releasing more games regularly, they can certainly focus on ensuring that their next step into the VR space is more successful than their Labo Kit test. However, it is also important to remember that there are extremely high expectations associated with the brand as well, which is probably why they’re taking the time out to test the space before fully venturing into it. If you haven’t tried the Nintendo Switch VR games we’ve mentioned in this article yet, you definitely should!

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