Metropolis World Partners with Flare Network to Connect Metaverse Worlds


Metropolis World Partners with Flare Network to Connect Metaverse Worlds

As highlighted in a previous blog, Metropolis World is at the forefront of innovation in the metaverse space. Backed by key influencers such as Steve Aoki and built from the ground up through bespoke metaverse curation, Metropolis World puts the user first by bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

Now, Metropolis World wants to go one step further and bridge the gap between different blockchains and metaverses. Thus, Metropolis World has partnered with Flare Network, a new blockchain built for universal connectivity.

A New Era of Metaverse Interoperability

Metropolis World will utilize Flare to provide secure decentralized interoperability between distinct chains, powering the free flow of information and assets between the Metropolis base chain (Ethereum) and other blockchains and metaverses.

This is made possible by Flare’s State Connector, which is the first consensus protocol for external data. It can trustlessly acquire and use information from other blockchains and real-world data sources. With this, Flare will build fast, decentralized and fully-insured bridges between Metropolis World and other metaverses like Sandbox and Decentraland.

Metropolis World will utilize the Flare network to open up its metaverse and realize its vision of users seamlessly moving across blockchains to build their digital lives.

Furthermore, the partnership also means that Metropolis will become the central metaverse for users, acting as both an engaging, standalone experience as well as a bridge across multiple chains.

But it wasn’t without its challenges.

One of the key aspects of Metropolis World is its stackable Dynamic NFTs that offer its holders unrivaled digital asset utility through personalization shaped by user engagement with its metaverse.

This added complexity meant that smart contract locking for cross-chain interoperability of its NFTs was redundant. Thus, both Flare and Metropolis had to develop new ways to ensure the free-flowing of digital information and assets while ensuring the uniquely dynamic nature of the Metropolis NFTs was still intact.

Together, Metropolis and Flare will set a new standard for what metaverse interoperability will look like in the future, providing full mobility and flexibility for your digital life.

For more information about the partnership, check out the Metropolis World Discord/Twitter and their website.

The project is looking to unleash an extensive roadmap over the coming year, so make sure you follow their social media to stay up to date with the latest information.

About Metropolis World

Metropolis World is an open metaverse that bridges the gap between physical and virtual worlds. Metropolis is built from the ground up, with each element hand-drawn and bespoke. The metaverse offers multilayered utility with its NFTs, rich lore, and extensive interoperability: the Capital City of the Metaverse.

About Flare Network

Flare is a powerful new blockchain with the first new consensus protocol for external data. Decentralized applications on Flare can safely acquire and use information from other blockchains and real world data sources, solving the oracle problem and opening the door to a new era of utility: decentralized and insured multilateral bridging, full cross-chain composability with assets and information able to flow freely between all chains, seamless decentralized integration of Web2 data in Web3 dapps. and a secure, fully interoperable multichain solution.

Jack Boreham

Jack Boreham

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