Austin-based Startup INK Games Raises $19M in Funding To Build Out Social Gaming Platform


Austin-based Startup INK Games Raises $19M in Funding To Build Out Social Gaming Platform

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Unique Spin

The world’s first gaming and social platform that will pay millions of users to grow the world’s largest network, Austin-based startup INK Games yesterday announced it has secured $18.75 million in its latest round of fundraising.

INK Games plans to use the money to build out its platform, as well as its Prize Kingdoms mobile game — its new release and one the team calls a “unique spin on the casual board game category.”

Having raised $9.5 million in funding last September, the startup’s platform is a social and Web3 commerce network, which allows users to profit from their reach. The INK Pay system pays users for their level of influence and audience engagement.

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Multiple Exits

Made up of Emmy-nominated developers and executives with decades of leadership experience in the gaming industry, INK Games was founded in 2019 by Robert Towles and Joshua Gause — two guys who previously developed and launched successful AAA titles and mobile games for EA, Zynga and Buffalo Studios, as well as having multiple successful exits, including a game sale to Caesar’s Interactive delivering a 25X return — and is pioneering the monetization movement by rewarding users for their influence for Web3.

Robert Towles, INK’s CEO and Co-founder, told GamesBeat about what INK brings to the world of mobile gaming in an exclusive interview:

“INK Games offers the only platform where billions of users can get paid for playing games and referring others. With our technology, users can onboard their entire connectivity and social reach — and monetize their viral reach, forever.”

Towles went on to say that the mobile market at present does not offer enough to the users: “A few years ago, mobile casual gamers wanted in-game incentives. Now, they understand the tremendous value they bring — and they expect to get paid. The tables are turning: Soon, worthless incentives won’t cut it. Users want a meaningful share in revenues. Even more, billions of people now realize they hold tremendous influence through their social media, connections and following. They want to wield this profitably and easily…

Josh Gause, INK’s CCO and other Co-founder, meanwhile, said to GamesBeat about the response to Prize Kingdoms so far: “Users are playing every day, often logging multiple hours of game time. Importantly, our playtesting proves that we’re ‘a game for everyone’ — and will have massive appeal to the global gaming community. Engagement rates are already incredible across various segments and demographics, including age and gender. Users are blown away by the competitive social features and opportunity to win real prizes. Full release of Prize Kingdoms is scheduled for later this year and we’re anticipating mass-market success.”

With enough money in the bank, INK Games should be able to further develop its dream of building an “interconnected mobile gaming and Web3 universe where users can play and earn.”

James Dargan

James Dargan

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