A Complete Guide to Entering the Oculus Metaverse with Quest 2

The Oculus Metaverse
The Oculus Metaverse

A Complete Guide to Entering the Oculus Metaverse with Quest 2

With Facebook fully committing themselves to develop the Metaverse in October 2021, many are wondering how they can enter and explore these exciting virtual spaces. VR Headsets such as the Oculus Quest 2 play a pivotal role in making the entire Metaverse experience much more immersive.

Virtual Reality headsets allow users to fully engage with the virtual realm by equipping users with the ability to get a full 360-degree view. Using avatars to move around, users can explore vast landscapes in HD. The Metaverse Oculus Quest 2 offers a 1920 x 1832 resolution for each eye, thus offering a combined ‘near 4k’ resolution.

Metaverse companies like Meta seek to change how users interact, shop, work, and play online. Meta acquired Oculus back in 2014 for around $2 Billion and has been working on creating state-of-the-art VR headsets and games for users to enjoy. Their prior acquisition aligns perfectly with their current goals, i.e., to shape “the future of social media.” 

One of the primary concerns around VR was its affordability. The new Metaverse Oculus Quest 2 is an improvement from the earlier Oculus Rift in terms of affordability and features. The Metaverse Oculus Quest 2 offers a higher resolution, wireless connectivity, better screen refresh rate, and 3D audio and is priced at $399 compared to the $699 for the Oculus Rift. This article will explain how to enter the Oculus Metaverse on Quest 2 and how to access the metaverse.

What is the Oculus Quest 2 Metaverse?

Since its release in 2020, the Metaverse Oculus Quest 2 has received several software upgrades, thus leading to better movement tracking, voice commands, higher refresh rates, and more. It offers several exciting features, such as wireless connectivity and up to a 120Hz refresh rate. 

The headset was later rebranded to “Meta Quest 2” and has been performing extremely well in sales. According to a report by International Data Corporation (IDC), around 15 million Metaverse Oculus Quest 2 units have been sold.

This is primarily due to its exciting features, affordable price, and compatibility with most VR games. You can get a Metaverse Oculus Quest 2 headset for as little as $299 with 128GB of storage. You can also get the electrifying VR game “Beat Saber” for free with your purchase.

The headset provides access to a large library of VR applications and games and is very simple to set up. The design itself is very different from its predecessor, the Oculus Quest. Instead of an all-black casing, the Metaverse Oculus Quest 2 offers a minimalistic white plastic case. The older Oculus Quest also has a cloth-like material that was uncomfortable after hours of gameplay.

In the Metaverse Oculus Quest 2, the design team finally got it right. The hard plastic shell is attached to a stretchable fabric that is much more comfortable. Even with all its exciting features, the Metaverse Oculus Quest 2 weighs only 17 ounces, making it much lighter than its predecessors.

The faceplate’s design also allows less light to enter while you’re using the headset, thus creating a more immersive experience for users. Although users can utilize the built-in speakers within the headset, there is also an option to use Bluetooth or wired headphones with it. The headset can be charged through a USB-C port, which can also be used to connect the headset to a laptop or desktop.

The headset utilizes Oculus Touch controllers with two triggers, an analog stick, and three buttons. The triggers can be used for grabbing things or firing projectiles. The controller utilizes infrared LEDs to track finger gestures. A motor is also installed to provide haptic feedback.

How to Enter the Oculus Metaverse? (Step-By-Step Guide)

Now that you’ve learned all about the features offered by the Metaverse Oculus Quest 2 let’s discuss how you can enter the Oculus Metaverse, otherwise known as Horizon Worlds.

The process of entering Horizon Worlds is extremely straightforward with the Metaverse Oculus Quest 2.  

It is recommended to install SideQuest onto your Oculus headset to get access to dozens of other VR games. Horizon Worlds can be downloaded from the Quest Store. Here’s how you can enter the metaverse on Oculus:

Step 1: Turn your headset on and put it on.

Step 2: Download Horizon Worlds and install it on your headset.

Step 3: Open your Oculus App drawer, where you’d be able to see your installed app on the screen

Step 4: Press your trigger to select the app and wait until it opens up

Step 5: If it’s your first time entering Horizon Worlds, you will be prompted to log into your Facebook account.

Step 6: Customize Your Avatar. There is a wide variety of customization options for outfits, facial features, and more.

Step 7: There are always events occurring within the Horizon World Metaverse; keep an eye out for events and join them to interact and engage with individuals in different surroundings.

Top 5 Oculus Quest 2 Games

Okay, so we’ve talked enough about how to join the metaverse on Oculus Quest 2. But what about the games? Does oculus quest 2 come with games, you might ask, aside from metaverse experiences? Well, yes, plenty:

1.Beat Saber

This interactive game is a big hit amongst VR enthusiasts. Channel the inner Jedi within you and slice through colorful blocks. The speed of the blocks depends on the song playing, and there are various difficulty levels within the game.

For this particular game, it is recommended to use external good-quality headphones to enjoy the 3D sound. The game offers music from Linkin Park, Imagine Dragons, BTS, Billie Eilish, and more!

Users can easily lose themselves within the game as it is extremely engaging. Beatsaber was launched in 2018 and is a great choice to introduce the exciting world of VR to new players. As players progress through the game, the difficulty becomes harder, and you’ll also be able to enjoy the latest EDM hits.

The visuals look incredible while wearing your Metaverse Oculus Quest 2 headset. Exclusively on Quest, there is also a 360-degree version where you interact with blocks from all sides.

The best part is that this game is free when you purchase a new Metaverse Oculus Quest 2 headset.

silhouette of man standing near window

2. Jurrasic Park Aftermath

This one is for you if you’re into thrillers and hide-and-seek games. The Jurrasic Park franchise is iconic; we’ve all grown up watching the iconic movies. With the Oculus Quest 2 headset, you can step into a world with massive dinosaurs and an engaging storyline, which we’re sure you’ll love.

This survival-based game involves puzzle solving, with players hiding to survive. With 3D sound and the ability to hear large footsteps coming your way, the game offers an experience that is a must-try.

Players can also interact with the environment by using their controllers; objects such as TV Screens, Loudspeakers, etc., can help distract raptors from finding you.

3. Half-Life Alyx

The attention to detail within the VR version of this game is incredible. If you’re a fan of the Half-Life series, you will love what this game offers. By entering the game through VR, you can fully immerse yourself in the storyline of Half-Life.

Half-Life Alyx involves fighting against the ‘Combine,’ a set of alien invaders. You can download it from Steam.

You can utilize the Oculus controller triggers to grab objects, experience haptic feedback while firing at aliens and have a full 360-degree view. It’s an incredible experience.

4. Resident Evil

The Resident Evil franchise has earned several awards over the years, but their first VR game Resident Evil 4, won the Best VR Game award in 2021. This exciting VR game allows you to step into a first-person role and complete missions.

Players can immerse themselves in the incredible storyline of Resident Evil 4, where you need to rescue the President’s daughter from a horrific cult. The high-resolution graphics within the game and the 360-degree first-person experience give players the full VR experience.

There are over 20 challenges to complete the game. Players can fight off villagers and battle against monsters in 3D while experiencing haptic feedback through the controllers. 

5. Population One

Population: One is the perfect game for you if you’re looking for the ideal Battle Royale-style VR game for your  Oculus Quest 2 headset! Although it is somewhat similar to Fortnite, playing this game in VR makes the entire experience much more immersive.

You can use avatars to build structures and battle other users, with a wide variety of guns. The combat style is vertical, which means you can climb on any surface. This makes the entire experience much more fun as players compete for advantage. 

You can deploy your wingsuit to rush into battles or explore different map areas. 

What is the Future of the Metaverse on the Oculus Quest 2?

With metaverses becoming increasingly popular, the demand for affordable, high-quality VR headsets such as the Oculus Quest 2 is also increasing. Meta has big plans for its virtual world, Horizon Worlds, where it plans to allow users to fully interact, shop, work and play in different environments.

Meta is also looking into different sensors that can be utilized alongside their headset. For example, Mark Zuckerberg recently announced their research into robotic skin that can provide sensory feedback when interacting with objects in the Metaverse.

Meta has also released a teaser that shows the capabilities they’re trying to incorporate into their headsets. The new design seems sleeker compared to the Oculus Quest 2 design. Surgeons are using these headsets to practice surgeries using robotic fingertips. This is a strong indicator of high precision.


With its affordable pricing, incredible features, and compatibility with numerous VR games, the Oculus Quest 2 is an excellent choice for those looking to enter the Metaverse. As part of their plans to transform how users interact online, Meta is currently working on improving Horizon Worlds through enhanced Oculus technology to make it more interactive for its users, so watch out for an Oculus 3 release date; it might be around the corner. 

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