5 Gaming/Entertainment Startups Owning The Metaverse: Part 16


5 Gaming/Entertainment Startups Owning The Metaverse: Part 16

It’s time for part sixteen of gaming and entertainment startups changing the shape and destiny of the Metaverse powered by the Metaverse Insider. Missed everything so far in the series? Then in that case here is the link to the first part to get you started.

1. Metahunter

Metahunter is the world’s first Metaverse platform that combines Metaverse, gaming, fintech, social engineering, services for the unbanked, blockchain technology, and education in one comprehensive place.

With more than 500+ influencers onboarded to Metahunter’s ecosystem, Metahunter is on track to becoming the largest Metaverse in the world.

Based in Singapore, Metahunter was founded in 2022 by Allen Tan Chee Hoe.

2. Fragcolor

Fragcolor is another Singapore-based game studio with the mission to build the first interoperability and moddability native game engine to empower builders of games, virtual worlds and interactive experiences.

Its game offerings include Ambal, where players duel in a high fantasy land, mastering player’s skills in strategic battles with simultaneous gameplay while collecting cards and soulstones to create powerful builds in this RPG inspired card game and Rhythm Run, a 2D side scrolling multiplayer run and gun game where players survive and attack by using rhythm.

The startup was founded in 2018 by Giovanni Petrantoni and Nicolas Musset.

3. MetagamZ

Based in London, MetagamZ was founded in 2021 and provides game publishers with a fully customizable VR Environment to promote their brand and generate revenue through Gaming, VR Gaming, VR GameFi and multiple additional features, publish games, and immediately position brands in front of the active gaming community.

4. Scuti

Scuti is a new gCommerce and rewards meta marketplace built just for players, and accessible through all connected games, in any genre, on any device. A fully curated shopping experience where players can discover great deals from top brands and be rewarded with each purchase, Scuti$ Rewards can be exchanged to buy physical products or redeemed to make in-game purchases for a better game experience.

Scuti’s rewards platform will fuel in-app purchases across all games while generating the richest revenues for game makers through gCommerce and our Rewards exchange.

For gamemakers, Scuti provides the richest monetization platform, and in particular, for mobile games, the ability to reward and monetize every player.

Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, Scuti is a portfolio company of Fasanara Capital group founded in 2019 by Nicholas Longano.

5. Nifty Island

Nifty Island is an open social gaming platform and virtual world being developed by Nyft Studios. It will be the centrepiece and first title in the Nyftverse: a set of interoperable games, an NFT marketplace, play-to-earn protocols, and game developer tools and infrastructure — all powered by web3 to realize the dream of a truly open and player-owned metaverse.

Founded in 2021 by Charles Smith, Nifty Island has raised a total of $20 million in funding to date.

James Dargan

James Dargan

James Dargan is a writer and researcher at The Metaverse Insider. His focus is on the QC startup ecosystem and he writes articles on the space that have a tone accessible to the average reader.

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