Games Like Pokemon VR Highlight the Potential of the Metaverse

Pokemon vr
Pokemon vr

Games Like Pokemon VR Highlight the Potential of the Metaverse


  • Pokemon VR offers users the opportunity to train and battle different Pokemon.
  • Players can interact with other individuals within the game and challenge them to battles.
  • Pokemon VR also allows users to walk around a 3D virtual environment.
  • The VR game highlights Metaverse’s different features, such as Virtual worlds, connecting with other players, designing avatars, and much more.

VR games are taking the world by storm, and with games like Pokemon VR, individuals can understand precisely what different virtual worlds offer. Interest in the Metaverse has increased massively after Facebook’s announcement in October 2021, with many individuals wondering how the Metaverse aims to revolutionize our interactions online.

The Metaverse aims to provide a virtual space for users to interact, explore, work, buy products and create new experiences. While there is still a long way to go before we’ve achieved everything we have planned for the Metaverse, games like Pokemon VR allow players to glimpse the Metaverse’s potential.

The gameplay of Pokemon VR is incredible, where players can relive their childhood fantasies by selecting a Pokemon to start their virtual journey. Players can also interact with other gamers online in a shared virtual space and battle different Pokemon to “Catch Them All.” 

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What Is Pokemon VR? 

Short for “Pocket Monsters,” Pokemon was launched in 1989 by Satoshi Tajiri. The franchise is now worth $99 billion, indicating its massive success over the years. Pokemon fans have been playing using collectible “cards” for quite a while. 

Pokemon Go was launched in 2016 and was one of the first AR experiences for most users. The game peaked at over 232 million players in 2016 and was an extremely successful project for Niantic. 

With the rise of VR games, there have been several Pokemon-themed fan VR games, but most have been taken down due to copyright issues. However, PokeQuest is the Pokemon VR game we will discuss in this article.

This Pokemon VR game consists of a virtual world where players can enter to immerse themselves within the Pokemon experience. 

How do I Start Playing Pokemon VR?

To start playing the Pokemon VR game, it is essential to have SideQuest installed on your PC and to link it to your website. While the process is very straightforward, there are some steps that players have to go through before they can start playing. 

Step 1 – Download Easy Installer: Go to and click “Get Sidequest” on the navigation bar. Download the software that matches your PC specifications. Install and open the software on your PC and click “Open Setup Instructions.”

Step 2 – Register an Organization on Meta: Within the instructions, you’ll find the steps you need to follow by registering in the Meta developer section. You can log in using your Facebook account and add an organization using the steps outlined in the setup instructions.

Step 3 – Enable Developer Mode: Use the Oculus app on your phone to toggle Developer Mode to “ON.”

Step 4 – Connect Your Headset: Connect your headset to your laptop or PC via a cable. Depending on the available ports, this could be your charging cable or a USB C to A line. 

Step 5 – Download Pokemon VR: Go to and download the Pokemon VR game to start playing!

In-Game Basics

Players first have to create a character before they start playing. There are several customization options where players can choose different accessories for their avatars, such as shirt colors, hairstyles, and more. 

Once your avatar is selected, you can enter the virtual online game to start your Pokemon VR journey. The game offers an instant dose of nostalgia as the first decision you have to make in the game is to choose between a Bulbasaur, Charizard, and Squirtle. For those of you who are not aware of what these creatures are, they are different types of Pokemon. 

The game is an absolute treat to Pokemon fans, as they relive their childhood fantasies in VR. Players experience everything from a first-person perspective, from battling Pokemon to capturing new ones through Pokeballs. 

One important thing to note is that you’re playing with 2D Pokémon in a 3D environment. Even though the avatars are 2D, the 3D environment allows users to walk and explore the different places it offers. Each Pokemon has unique abilities; for example, a Bulbasaur has “Tackle” and “Growl” as its first abilities.

Once you win a battle, you can throw your Pokeball at the opposing Pokemon for a chance to capture them. After fighting, you will need to heal your Pokemon by taking your Pokeballs to the “Pokecenter.” Nurse Joy will greet you at the front desk and heal your Pokemon in seconds. 

There are various other interactive elements of the game, such as Pokemon trainers, the ability to challenge other players to battles, and much more. You can also trade items with other players to fulfill your resources and progress through the game.

How Does this Link to the Metaverse?

Pokemon VR is one of the best examples of the vast potential of the Metaverse. The ability to step into a 3D world and interact with other players while playing interactive games is one of the best features of the Metaverse. 

The Metaverse goes one step ahead by establishing virtual economies and giving users the option to earn while playing, which is an incredible incentive. The game showcases how engaging it is to immerse oneself into a storyline and experience things from a first-person perspective. 

Here’s how Pokemon VR depicts the potential of the Metaverse:

  • In-game Immersive Experiences: In Pokemon VR, users can enter a 3D virtual world where they can interact with other players through avatars. The Metaverse offers users an option to shape their own experiences by allowing them to customize their environments and create games, i.e., if they own land in the Metaverse.
  • Communicate With Other Players: In Pokemon VR, users can type messages to other players and challenge them to other battles. The Metaverse takes this a step further to allow for free voice chat integrations, making communication much easier. 
  • Creative Environments: In this Pokemon VR game, users can walk through fields and find Pokemon to battle as they explore the game. The Metaverse offers a similar function to its users, i.e., the ability to freely walk through the virtual world and interact with different elements as you go along. 
  • Customize Avatars: Pokemon VR allows users to customize their avatars by changing different accessories. The Metaverse enables users to customize each part of their avatar, including body shape, facial features, clothing, accessories, and more. Each Metaverse offers a set of tools that users can utilize to customize their entire experience fully.

What is the Future of VR in Gaming?

VR will play a crucial role in gaming as players look for more immersive experiences. The world is slowly transitioning from standard 2D gameplay to interactive 3D virtual environments where users can experience games from a first-person perspective with a 360-degree view. 

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VR gaming revenue is expected to reach $2.4 billion in 2024. This is a strong indicator of the upward trend in VR gaming. VR devices have also experienced a significant uptick in sales, with sources stating that there have been over 11 million units sold in 2021.

Several tech companies are also working on enhancing the virtual reality experience by adding sensors that provide haptic feedback. This includes sensor-based gloves, haptic bodysuits, and much more. Many of these innovations are still being worked on, which is why the prices are incredibly high.

After development, the goal of these tech companies would be to bring the price point down while maintaining the quality to make it readily available to consumers. 


Pokemon fans can now play their very own Pokemon VR game from SideQuest. The Metaverse aims to gamify user experiences by creating virtual spaces for users to interact with each other and explore the environment. Pokemon VR is an excellent example of a 3D space that facilitates user interaction. Still, the Metaverse offers many exciting features, such as designing environments, monetizing creations, acquiring land to build their games, etc. 


  • How Can I Play Pokemon VR?

Users can play Pokemon VR by downloading the game on SideQuest. You’d have to make some configurations to install and integrate SideQuest with your VR headsets. We’ve explained them in detail in our article.

  • How Is the Pokemon VR game?

This VR game is everything Pokemon fans have been dreaming about. Users can select their Pokemon, participate in battles, train, trade with other players, and much more!

  • Are Games on Sidequest Safe To Use?

Yes, all games listed on SideQuest have been vetted by their team to ensure that their users are not exposed to harmful malware and explicit content. Thousands of players download games from SideQuest every day, and their compatibility with the Oculus headset has made them an excellent spot for VR games.

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