Meta Connect 2022 Will be A Turning Point in Metaverse Development

meta connect 2022
meta connect 2022

Meta Connect 2022 Will be A Turning Point in Metaverse Development

Meta has announced the date of its metaverse conference ‘Meta Connect’ for October 11th, 2022. The event will showcase the long-rumored Oculus Quest Pro (Project Cambria) alongside other ‘Meta’ technologies.

Meta Connect will live stream on October 11th, a one-day virtual event exploring how the metaverse will be built. The event will cover augmented and virtual reality development and the latest technology and give viewers a glimpse into what the future holds for Meta’s oculus Metaverse. 

The event’s goal is to bring the world closer together through increased human connection and experiences, which Meta seeks to do through its emerging technology. Project Cambria, known as the Oculus Quest Pro, is one such technology confirmed to be showcased at the event.

Revealed last month during a stint on the Joe Rogan Podcast, Mark Zuckerberg stated that the Quest Pro would be unveiled at the event, featuring facial recognition technology and the ability to control users’ eye movements.

The project, which has long been under development, is looking to cement Oculus (and to a larger extent) Meta as the top dog in VR technology, which it sees as the future of the metaverse and one of its main enablers.

Rumored to be a significant step up from its predecessor Oculus Quest 2, Project Cambria may be the much-needed boost Meta needs to position itself as a leader in metaverse technology and calm investors/quell critics, giving us all a taste of what it is like to experience the future of digital — the metaverse.

As always, keep it locked on The Metaverse Insider for Meta Connect 2022, as we will cover it in detail.

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