5 Gaming/Entertainment Startups Owning The Metaverse: Part 17


5 Gaming/Entertainment Startups Owning The Metaverse: Part 17

Powered by the Metaverse Insider, here is part seventeen of gaming and entertainment companies assisting in the popularization and growth of the Metaverse. In case you missed out on the first instalment, here is the link to it.

1. Ninja Squad

Ninja Squad is an NFT and crypto trading community with a focus on education, gaming and innovating utilities for NFTs.

Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Ninja Squad was founded in 2021 by Bekir Çağrı Çelik and Kemal Hiçyılmaz.

2. Bloometa

Bloometa, a Paris-based startup founded in 2021 by Antoine Delannoy, Gabriel Guimbaud and Alexandre Bourjade, is the first multi-chain platform for Web3 gamers and GameFi projects.

Bloometa has the goal of building the first complete ecosystem for Metaverse players and the mission to ease the process of trading in-game assets.

3. ROG Studios

ROG Studios is a VR company based in Istanbul that designs and develops games, as well as training simulations for health and safety. It was founded in 2020 by Burak Eran, a Co-founder.

In the year it was founded, ROG Studios released its first VR game on SteamVR called “Jack Walker: Ethereal” which is an RPG/action/sci-fi game. In 2022, its second VR game called “Master of the Tattooverse” was rolled out on Steam VR.

In addition, ROG Studios provides virtual reality consulting services to help organizations get the product and result they seek. As a team of developers, engineers and artists, it has produced more than thirty virtual reality apps for Metaverses, health, simulations, and education.

4. Neopets Metaverse

Based in Hong Kong, Neopets Metaverse is a decentralized, community-driven game based on the original Neopets classic. Through exciting mini-games, thrilling PvP combat, a unique Neopet care and customization system, and much more, the Neopets Metaverse offers both a nostalgic but fresh Web3 gameplay experience for veteran Neopians and newcomers alike.

The Neopets Metaverse will be a free-to-play game: casual, fun and simple to navigate whether you’re a crypto native or not. At the same time, the Metaverse will create economic opportunities for those who want to play and earn.

The essence of the Neopets Metaverse is a virtual world in which Neopians can raise, care for, customize, and battle with their Neopets while building, owning, and monetizing their gaming experiences on the blockchain.

Neopets is best known for its classic browser game Neopets.com, which has inspired childhood and teenage memories for more than 150 million players over the last two decades. Neopians have immersed themselves in a vibrant world that represents more than a game: it’s an inclusive, welcoming online community that serves as a forum for expression and creativity.

In 2021, Neopets Metaverse decided to introduce this successful gaming IP to the blockchain ecosystem. The ultimate goal for the Neopets Metaverse is to galvanize new experiences, memories and enjoyment for all Neopians.

5. Arkycia

Arkycia is a virtual cosmocracy metaverse, a VR world for people to own land, build, explore, socialize, do business, make friends, find your partner, earn, and have fun.

Unlike other metaverses, Arkycia metaverse will be a parallel realm, where it is implementing a cosmocracy government. Arkycia is a unique metaverse project, as one of its significant features is the Virtual Politics NFT. Arkycia is a cosmocracy world, where Arkycia has one common government for all the countries, “One world, One nation” with the vision of a decentralized future world. Arkycia will have its own political structure, similar to the physical world, where users can buy a political position for the governance of countries, states, cities, and towns, and they can rule the world.

With headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, Arkycia was founded in 2020 by Kumar T.

James Dargan

James Dargan

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