Orange España Unlocking Keys To “El Metaverso”


Orange España Unlocking Keys To “El Metaverso”

El Metaverso

Spanish mobile network operator Orange España (Orange Spain) — previously known as Amena, a brand of Retevisión — has become the first company in the Spanish telecommunications market to open a commercial space in the metaverse, or “el metaverso” in Spanish, advancing a broader move by its parent group to enable virtual commerce.

According to the company’s website, customers can access the metaverse store (La Tienda Orange) on PCs or using VR glasses at home or in its stores.

Orange says that it has also reached an agreement with Meta for the incorporation of Meta Quest 2 into its portfolio of virtual reality devices.

La Tienda Orange includes products from brands such as Oppo, Honor, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi and Google.

Attractive Discounts

The company also states customers who enter the new store in the metaverse will find attractive discounts on the price of products and services that they decide to purchase and cash in the physical store.

“With the opening of our store in the metaverse, we have become a pioneer company in this environment, deepening our commitment to innovation and digital transformation and, what it is more important, improving the experience of its customers who thus have another point of contact with the company,” said Diego Martínez, Director of the Orange Residential Business Unit.

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