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A Complete Guide to Metaverse Champions [Games, Prizes, Items & More]

metaverse champions

With over 55.1 million active users as of February 2022, Roblox Metaverse is the leading game creation platform that allows users to interact and create games. The platform company is now looking to crown “champions” by holding engaging competitions to reward top players. 

If you’re wondering how Metaverse Champions works, we’ll discuss it in detail in this article. The four-week event was held within Roblox from April-May 2021. The game’s goal was to discover hidden chests to gain points and compete with other players. Certain quests needed to be fulfilled to unlock chests, with thousands of players competing to earn the most points. At the end of the Metaverse Champions event, the player with the most points made special prizes.


Key Points

  • Metaverse Champions was held in April 2021 and featured four different Champions, i.e., AJ Striker, Fey Yoshida, Sparks Kilowatts, and Wren Brightblade.
  • Players earned several rewards by collecting and opening “chests” within the game.
  • The winner of last year’s Metaverse Champion was Sparks Kilowatts.
  • Winner Wings were modeled after the Metaverse Champion and can be collected from the Metaverse Hub.


What is Metaverse Champions?

Metaverse Champions is an interactive virtual reality game that has replaced the famous Roblox Egg Hunt. Metaverse Champions event consists of four weeks, and players can unlock up to 4 chests per week. Each chest corresponds to a different champion, and there are four champions, i.e., AJ Striker, Fey Yoshida, Sparks Kilowatts, and Wren Brightblade.

Each player has a hub area where they can access particular games they like and want to play. They can even enter the hub to interact with other players in virtual reality. Metaverse Champions games are unique and provide many benefits because you can gather chests with various rewards when playing the ones offered during those weeks. You can choose from the many games available, and every task will be unique and extremely fun to complete. 

Metaverse Champions Games

The first step for those looking to learn how to do Metaverse Champions is to explore what types of games are included in their list. Luckily, the event has many games, from simple casual games to hardcore and complex challenges.

Here are a few Roblox metaverse games that you will find, divided into their weeks.

1. Sparks Kilowatt Games 

Spark Kilowatt is a happy-go-lucky energy ball that loves making new friends. You must collect the four Spark’s Secret Packages to access this metaverse champion.

Here is a list of missions (segmented by weeks) that you can complete winning metaverse champion rewards:

  • Week One: Simple Resort, Seaboard City RP, Muscle Buster, My Droplets, and other games are included.
  • Week Two: FREE ADMIN, Tradelands, Pilfering Pirates, SharkBite, and other games are included.
  • Week Three: BIGFOOT!, Tower Heroes, Egg Simulator, Banana Eats, and other games are included.
  • Week Four: Bloxy Bingo, Teddi, INCOGNITO, Find the Square, and other games are included.

2. Fey Yoshida Games

The big cities in her world are well aware of this cyberpunk artist. You can unlock Fey Yoshida by gathering all four Fey’s Terror Cases.

Here is a list of tasks you may accomplish to get metaverse champions prizes during the four weeks of the event:

  • Week One: Toy Defenders, Waterpark Oceanic, Specter, Kitty, and other games are included.
  • Week Two: Pit of Hell, Merch Warzone, World/Zero, Fishing Simulator, and other games are included.
  • Week Three: Traitor, Wizard Cats, This Game is Pain, Vibe NYC, and other games are included.
  • Week Four: Bean Blast, RB Battles, Bloxy War, Dragon Adventures, and other games.

3. AJ Striker Games

This cybernetic super soldier is prepared to fight at all times. You must collect four AJ’s Crate Drops to unlock AJ Striker.

The missions you might perform to get prizes are listed below as per the weeks they are available in:

  • Week One: TTD 3, Manhunt, Polybattle, Tank Warfare, and other games are included.
  • Week Two: DropBlox, Chaos Clickers, Survive a Plane Crash, Shoot Out! And other games are included.
  • Week Three: Bakon, Dread, Built It, Super Golf, Build Island, and other games.
  • Week Four: War Simulator, Zombie Task Force, Obby Run!, Unboxing Simulator, and other games are included.

4. Wren Brightblade

Wren Brightblade, a traditional explorer, is well-known for finishing tasks no matter how difficult they may be. Obtaining all four of Wren’s Treasure Chests will enable you to access this Roblox metaverse champion.

The tasks you may perform for rewards are listed below as per the weeks they will be accessible:

  • Week One: Outlaster, RoVille, Werewolf Within, Ninja Rush, and other games are included.
  • Week Two: Deathrun, Goblin Island, Giant Simulator, Pet Heroes, and other games are included.
  • Week Three: Journey to the Sun, The Piggysons, Arcade Empire, and other games are included.
  • Week Four: Ronald, Jump Over Walls, Island Tribes, Gods of Glory, and other games are included.

As you can see, each category and week offers unique types of metaverse champions games, from actions to the arcade, adventure, and more. We have included only a few names, but there are a total of 180 Roblox metaverse games you can enjoy to earn rewards and keep upgrading your avatar and levels.

roblox metaverse champions

Metaverse Champions Prizes

The Metaverse Champions rewards are not easy to get, but they are one of the best you can claim after getting all four launcher boxes. 

These Roblox metaverse prizes include:

  • Valkyrie of the Metaverse

The winner of the Metaverse Champions is a Valk, even if it is not pink. Players must have acquired all four launcher boxes offered throughout the promotion to redeem the “Valkyrie of the Metaverse” headgear accessory. After obtaining all the boxes, players must sign in to the Metaverse Champions hub to save the headgear. Once logged in, the Valkyrie of the Metaverse will show in the Hat accessory of the users’ avatar inventory.

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  • Sparks’ Winners Wings

Since Sparks Kilowatt won the first-ever Metaverse Champions tournament, the worldwide reward has the Sparks motif. You can use Spark’s winner wings to support any champion you like. To redeem this prize, all players who participated in the event should open their hub. They will instantly get the metaverse champions item as a back accessory in their users’ avatar inventory.

Box Rewards in Metaverse Champions

Metaverse Champions boxes are distributed to players by star creators, developers, and administrators that can be found in the hub. Every character has a box reward; once the missions are completed, the players receive it. However, the Valkyrie Shards box is unique; let me tell you about it.

Valkyrie Shards (Valkyrie Helm)

The four boxes from MVPs, Roblox Admin, Developers, and Video Star’s crate were to be combined to receive the Metaverse Valkyrie Shards for four weeks and when combined, unlocked the Valkyrie Helm.

Week One: During the first week of Shard of the Valkyrie, Admins were available that hatched after gathering all the Roblox Admin crates.

Week Two: During the second week of Shard of the Valkyrie, The Video Stars were hatched after gathering all the Video Star’s crates.

Week Three: During the third week, Shard of the Valkyrie, Developers hatched after gathering all the Developers’ crates.

Week Four: During the fourth week of Shard of the Valkyrie, MVPs were available that hatched after gathering all the MVP crates.

Metaverse Champions Items

  • Clothing 

There are eight Roblox outfit pieces available that are given immediately after joining the Metaverse Champions hub, i.e., a pair of pants and a shirt for all Champions. 

  • Accessories 

As for metaverse champions accessories, to get them, there are missions that you will need to complete. Upon completion, users obtain rewards that include AJ’s headset, Sparks’ Coronet, Fey’s Diadem, Wren’s Crown, Wren’s Recurve Bow of Recreation, Spark’s Wand of Wonder, and The Egg of Nonexistence.

Other accessories include Fey’s Siphon Sword, Sparks’ Dragon, 0-VA9000, AJ’s Blaster, the Behemoth, Wren’s Berhdi, Lord of Alchemy, Fey’s Bat, Bertolf, Sparks’ Winner Wings, AJ’s Drone Swarm, Valkyrie of Metaverse, Fey’s Eternal Ember, AJ’s Companion Bot, Wren’s Wining Willow, and Sparks and Pearls.

  • Pins

The pins are given to players of the Metaverse Champions whose games represented their respective avatars in the Metaverse Champions event. For example, if you represented Sparks Kilowatt, you would get a Sparks Kilowatt pin.

  • Bundles

Each Roblox metaverse character comes with a bundle that players can acquire through collecting their secret packages, crate drops, treasure chests, or terror cases and then returning to the metaverse champions hub. These bundles are Wren Brightblade, Sparks Kilowatt, Fey Yoshida, and AJ Striker.

Badges in Metaverse Champions

The game can become quite competitive as players compete to get the highest points and earn different rewards. The badges in Metaverse Champions are given after playing the whole event, and you have to collect at least eight badges out of ten before going for the next week’s championship games to receive an “MVP.”

Metaverse champions event has now ended; however, if you completed everything required in the event accurately, you should have already gotten your badge. For a Roblox metaverse, you must have three main badges: Official Roblox badge, Developer badge, and Champion badge. These help in creating your account, becoming a developer, and becoming a champion. The more badges you have, the more advanced features you will get.

How To Get the Launcher Pro Badge

To get a launcher pro badge in the Roblox Metaverse champions, users must collect all four launcher boxes. These boxes were MVP, Admin, Video Star, and Developer; after getting these boxes, the users were allowed to get a Launcher Pro Badge in the hub.

Hidden Treasures of Metaverse Champions: The Tiny Egg of Nonexistence

It looks somewhat like the Bluesteel Egg of Genius and is a little blue-steel egg dyed in navy blue. The tiny egg of nonexistence was created for the Eggstravaganza event and was initially unattainable, made by Shedletsky to look like an egg. However, it was made available through a secret mission where 11 players with a minimum of 40 or more badges had to stand on each 11-pressure plate present around the Metaverse Champions hub. The light glowed grey if the amounts of badges were not complete and white if it was complete. Once all 11 players’ lights shone white in the sky, they would enter the room and be able to get the egg.


If you love a gaming event that allows you to experience something new, unique, and exciting every time, then Metaverse Champions is the event you are looking for. With incredibly immersive VR technology, intense competition, and amazing prizes, this competition will be an unforgettable experience! To explore other exciting Roblox games, you can click here. We hope this article has helped you learn how to do Metaverse Champions.


Q1. How To Do Metaverse Champions?

Chests are present within the games, and players can unlock them by completing different challenges. Each champion is granted four boxes each week for the contest duration. This means that 16 new avatar items are distributed for users to obtain.

Q2. Who Won Metaverse Champions?

Sparks Kilowatt was the winner of Metaverse Champions in 2021, with over 6.7 million retrieved chests. The reward for the winner was called “Winner Wings,” which are modeled after the champion. Users can collect the prize from the Metaverse Hub.


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The Future of Materials Discovery: Reducing R&D Costs significantly with GenMat’s AI and Machine Learning Tools

When: July 13, 2023 at 11:30am

What: GenMat Webinar

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