Helping Brands Enter the Metaverse with Diego Borgo

Diego Borgo is a strategist and advisor for brands wanting to enter the Metaverse space. As a Metaverse native and Web3 ambassador, Diego Borgo has an arsenal of experience and content to help educate and bring the metaverse closer to modern-day normality.   

With 18 years of experience in business strategy, digital marketing, and branding, to advising and consulting for Fortune 500 brands on how to enter the Metaverse – Deigo Borgo has found his niche within this ever-evolving space:   

“I work with NFT and Metaverse native companies – brands and protocols native to Web3, building the future at the edge of technology. And I make a lot of educational material. That’s the master class.”  

The Metaverse Insider interviewed Deigo Borgo within Spatial – a metaverse designed for sharing content and helping creators build their virtual environments. This emphasized Diego Borgo’s commitment to the field, demonstrating how we are getting closer to normalizing the metaverse for conducting everyday tasks. Diego Borgo addresses the opportunities for why brands should move to the Metaverse space:   

“The metaverse is an evolution of the Internet and how we connect digitally as humans. And that, per se, is an enormous advantage. With everything happening within the metaverse, being an early mover into that space right now is a major advantage.”  

As this arguably “buys authenticity and relevance” for brands once the metaverse becomes mainstream, it can still be difficult to paint the entire picture; no one knows what the metaverse will be once it becomes normality.  

Concerning strategy and what it means to ‘get brands into the Metaverse,’ Deigo Borgo addresses his thoughts on the matter. It is clear that in finding out the reasons for wanting to move, a greater picture can be made on how to approach the situation. Are brands in it for the hype? Do they have a long-term strategy? Are they entering the space to provide customer value? Or do they simply want a quick ROI?   

“You know, as soon as you start seeing things from that helicopter view, where you get to understand the macro aspects of it – then it’s much easier to start. Does it make sense for them to be entering? Should they be looking into NFTs, or should they be looking into the metaverse? Or, can they combine all of this?”  

With an abundance of potential brands wanting to enter this new era of the internet, we asked Diego Borgo about his goals and standpoint on preferable cliental – addressing companies who are looking for a quick buck, and those with a long-term trajectory:  

“I value impact over the transaction. So, as an ambassador and a true believer, my personal mission within this space is to help accelerate the mass adoption of blockchain technology and NFTs. I probably wouldn’t engage with a brand that is interested in the hype, some PR headlines, or just making a quick buck because I think they’re being short-sighted to the possibilities.”  

Following mainstream media’s recent slating of the NFT movement and cryptocurrency hype, there has been concern over the impact this has had on the industry – especially for brands wanting to move to this new world. Diego Borgo shares his thoughts on this matter:   

“Yeah, there are a lot of things to unpack there. One is the hype cycle of speculation and investment that we have seen, especially now with cryptocurrency at a current bear market. I think that is extremely positive and healthy for the space.”  

“You know, many of these communities are just a bunch of people trying to make money and push an agenda so they can become richer. Now, the scores are quiet, and the Twitter space is quiet. This is a great sign; the people that are just speculating and trying to make a quick buck are now looking for something else. The ones that are prone to space are quiet because they know the hype cycle models – they can be well positioned for the future.”

The Metaverse Insider asked Diego Borgo how he would approach brands with conflicting viewpoints about the future of the metaverse. With companies like Meta, many brands may believe this to be the future of the metaverse – not caring about decentralization or the blockchain:   

“There is space for everything. We must zoom out and realize that there is a space for everyone. I understand the conversation around people not necessarily trusting Meta as much as before. And you know, there are obviously a number of reasons, but we also need the technology there. All these hype cycles, all those conversations, and all the tension that is happening around the metaverse have started simply because they changed their company. They changed their strategy and positioning as a brand. So, I’m trying to say that we cannot ignore the potential and the power that Meta brings to the table.”  

To conclude, The Metaverse Insider asked Deigo Borgo about some of the brands he is currently working with. From fortune 500 brands to smaller brands, Diego Borgo sure has an impressive resume:   

“I’ve been working with Unilever, with Volkswagen, with L’Oreal, and with Salesforce – those are like fortune 500 brands. I also work with smaller brands like GE star, which is a brand from the Netherlands. I also worked a lot with Web3 nations.” 

Josh Hatton

Josh Hatton

Josh Hatton is the Interview Director and Editorial Executive at the Metaverse Insider, the leading metaverse publication. With expertise in conducting insightful interviews, Josh is recognized for his ability to engage industry leaders in the metaverse space. Leveraging his deep understanding of emerging technologies, he keeps readers informed about the latest and most exciting developments in this rapidly evolving field. With an MSc in Biotechnology and a deep passion for science and technology, Josh's insatiable curiosity fuels his pursuit of insider knowledge in the metaverse industry.

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