Gucci Appoint Robert Triefus as CEO of Gucci Vault and Metaverse Ventures


Gucci Appoint Robert Triefus as CEO of Gucci Vault and Metaverse Ventures


Gucci — the iconic Italian high-end luxury fashion house based in Florence, Italy — has announced that senior EVP for corporate and brand strategy, Robert Triefus, will take on the role of CEO of Gucci Vault and Metaverse Ventures, replacing current CEO Nicolas Oudinot, effective from November 1st.

Nicolas Oudinot, in the role since October 2021, hands over to Triefus who started his career at Calvin Klien in the early 1990s. Prior to Gucci, Triefus had also worked at Giorgio Armani before joining Gucci in 2008.

In the role, Triefus’ focus will be on expanding Gucci’s presence online and working on its metaverse and gaming strategies. Additionally, Triefus — who has been an important cog in building the fashion house’s approach to gaming and Web3 — will oversee Gucci Vault, the experimental online space he developed with Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele and will continue with his role as senior EVP for corporate and brand strategy, reporting to president and CEO Marco Bizzarri.

To continue scaling metaverse brand activities, Micael Barilaro, Gucci’s new businesses gaming and collectibles director, was appointed vice president of Metaverse Ventures.

Shaping Web3 Strategy

2022 has seen Gucci collaborating with Superplastic for NFT drop, and bought land in The Sandbox while establishing itself in the Roblox universe.

“Triefus’ experience and expertise will help shape Gucci’s strategy in these strategic areas that he helped build, having worked hand in hand with the respective teams, crafting the house’s approach and positioning in the gaming and Web3 sectors, as well as in the launch the Gucci Vault project,” Gucci said in a press release.

James Dargan

James Dargan

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