Meta Unveils Oculus Quest Pro at Meta Connect 2022 Advancing the Social Metaverse

Credit: Meta Quest
Credit: Meta Quest

Meta Unveils Oculus Quest Pro at Meta Connect 2022 Advancing the Social Metaverse

Meta has announced the Meta Quest Pro at the Meta Connect 2022 conference. The long-rumored headset, previously known as Project Cumbria, will release on October 25th.for a price point of $1500. The headset is designed for professionals to collaborate in VR.

The Meta Quest Pro is Meta’s latest virtual reality headset to hit the market, with the device featuring industry-leading specifications such as the SnapDragon XR2 processor, placing the pro at nearly double the power of previous headsets. The headset will also be forty percent thinner than the Oculus Quest 2.

Of course, this headset represents Meta’s next step in building its metaverse. The Meta Quest Pro will help Meta create new virtual reality worlds that Meta sees as metaverse worthy using its groundbreaking VR technology.

Although not a surprise with the leak of the Meta Quest Pro last month, Meta has kept many cards close to its chest with the reveal of the headset. With the $1500 price point, the Quest Pro comes at the premium end of the price spectrum, offering a fresh alternative to the current premium VR headsets with groundbreaking features.

The new headset will also feature more expressive avatars, facial scanning, eye tracking, and the ability to scan real-life objects and turn them into AR. Oculus Pro will also enable you to scan your face and instantly turn yourself into an avatar through its ‘Instant Avatar’ feature. These new features will take full advantage of the enhanced power of the Oculus Pro, progressing Meta’s metaverse plans to develop an immersive social ‘metaverse.’

Meta is working with groundbreaking companies like the live VR language learning platform Immerse to increase their ‘Social metaverse’ offering, something Meta also showcased during the event.

Aside from the Meta Quest Pro, Meta also revealed the ability to use Microsoft Teams with the Quest headsets, the release date of the long-awaited Iron Man VR game, amongst other VR title announcements like the Walking Dead.

Check the official Meta Quest website for more information about the Oculus Quest Pro and its features.

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