Immerse: The Future of Live VR Language Learning is Here


Immerse is a revolutionary community-based metaverse platform for individuals of all abilities to learn and practice new languages without the barriers of crossing borders, reading overwhelming textbooks, or downloading trivial apps. Immersion into a culture is arguably the best way to learn a new language – and Immerse has found a way to do so by utilizing VR technology. 

From humble beginnings, Quinn Taber (Founder and CEO) learned that social entrepreneurship and access to high-quality education was the key to long-term restoration for disenfranchised social groups. In understanding the power of cultural immersion and the potential of VR technology, Immerse was born.  

There has been a surge in learning new languages since the start of the pandemic – with some popular language-learning apps reporting upwards of a 200% increase in usage. However, since the world has been returning to a ‘somewhat’ normality, are these trends sticking with the regression of social distancing?  

Typical language learning apps use 2D screens and systematic methods to prompt learning through repetition and AI. These interactions are not personal and have often led to high drop-off rates. Immerse does things differently by giving people what they need to learn a new language: immersion in the real world. With the metaverse taking us by storm, Immerse has found a niche in the market – changing the way we learn languages in the virtual world. It is safe to say we have never seen a VR language learning platform of this caliber before – and here is the trailer to prove it. 

When virtual reality meets live language classes, engagement vastly increases – making learning a more fluid, natural process. Immerse has not built a pre-programmed or asynchronous app – they have built a social VR world that allows real people to take real classes from expert language instructors. This is probably the closest we can get to attending physical classes in a foreign country – yet all from the comfort of your own space.  

Beyond being present in real-world locations, VR technology allows for true engagement with your surroundings too. Having the ability to interact with objects, draw, roleplay, and partake in interactive games and community events, there is no lack of available content. Learning in context is one of the major attributes that help set Immerse ahead of its competition. 

There are currently many metaverse platforms out there with active communities, yet many lack consistency or have been developed for kids and teens. Immerse has the fastest-growing community of adult VR learners (aged 25-50). With over 20K users having tried the app and hundreds who spend dozens of hours per month learning and connecting with like-minded individuals – this positive community-based learning platform is becoming the essential tool for anyone wanting to learn new languages.  

To strengthen its claim as a leader in VR language learning, Immerse has the backing of the tech giant Meta. This partnership emphasizes the potential this technology has to offer; being the first ever VR app to offer live, instructor-led learning through social experience, Meta has positioned Immerse as the model for the future of metaverse education. With the ability to span beyond language learning, the potential of Immerse hold true to its origins –whereby social entrepreneurship and access to high-quality education is key to the future.  

Immerse has addressed the three pillars required to effectively develop higher levels of fluency in a new language, culture, and community.  

  1. Individuals can practice a language to start building fluency almost immediately; through live conversations in realistic, immersive situations, communication skills can be developed from day one.  
  2. Immerse also understands the importance of culture in learning a new language; there is more to it than just knowing words and phrases. By enabling people to engage in the culture by interacting with new traditions, stories, and celebrations, this cultural awareness is crucial in overcoming the barriers to human connection.  
  3. Finally, Immerse has built a thriving adult community to encourage a more personal social learning experience. By creating new relationships with members whose passions align, all can experience the most in life through language and cultural fluency.   

Immerse currently offer live VR classes in Spanish – with French, English, and Japanese to become available in 2023. There are also many more languages scheduled for the coming years, including the likes of German and Korean. With the abundance of available languages combined with the content and community engagement to supplement it, we will certainly be seeing Immerse as the ultimate language learning platform in the coming years. 

Immerse currently offers a subscription service of $45/mo after a 7-day free trial. However, four new tier options will be made available starting in late October:  

  • Freemium: including 2 non-expiring class credits with unlimited peer-to-peer practice. 
  • Explore: including 4 live VR class credits per month and unlimited peer-to-peer practice.  
  • Growth: including 8 live VR class credits per month and unlimited peer-to-peer practice.  
  • Mastery: including unlimited live VR class credits per month and unlimited peer-to-peer practice. 

With all that Immerse has to offer, the Metaverse Insider is confident in the prosperity of this new platform. This is the future of education in a virtual setting, and the platform is already available and sure to grow at an unprecedented rate. With the hardware and technology to support mainstream metaverse adoption, be sure to watch out for Immerse; they are a leading player in the educational space of the virtual world as we know it.  

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