5 Gaming/Entertainment Startups Owning The Metaverse: Part 20


5 Gaming/Entertainment Startups Owning The Metaverse: Part 20

In the previous nineteen editions of startups building this inchoate thing we call the Metaverse, we’ve seen some exciting players in all verticals, including in pure-play gaming, virtual reality, (VR), augmented reality, (AR), mixed reality (MR), and Web3 companies included on the list.

Today, that list comes to an end, as we add the last five to give us the grand total of 100 companies doing what they can to broaden the appeal of gaming and entertainment in the metaverse.

Although just a minute sample of what is out there, these 100 companies just go to show where we’ve come as an industry in such a short time.

As the era of Web2 makes way for Web3, more companies of this ilk, whether specializing in NFTs, virtual gaming experiences or in consultancy or service roles, will appear.

And finally, just in case you missed the series from the very beginning, here is the link to the first part.

We hoped you’ve enjoyed it!

1. TCG World

Founded in 2021 by David Evan, TCG World is an online open-world virtual gaming experience where players can earn TCG Coin 2.0, gather NFT collectibles, own virtual real estate, create, explore the game world, control their own online businesses, or just have fun.

TCG World introduces a new approach to NFTs making it more than just a piece of art — now players can take their NFTs into the gaming world and play. Everything a player owns in the metaverse is an NFT — real estate, vehicles, pets, trophies and even player avatars.

2. Basketballverse

Basketballverse is a P2E 3D multiplayer basketball metaverse with a powerful RPG element, encouraging billions of basketball enthusiasts worldwide to build their metaverse basketball career by developing an NFT basketball avatar, managing their own club or arena, building a fanbase, attracting sponsorship, and earning real income.

Think NBA2K — the kind of game in which you can control your avatar but with the real-world parallels of being able to participate in club and arena management. The main difference: there are no NBA stars to control. Here, the baller is the star who builds his or her own metaverse basketball career through gameplay, attracting sponsorship and building a fanbase. As in real-world basketball, you can earn an actual living from it. Basketballverse’s USP? It builds the massive revenue-earning potential of real-world basketball to its metaverse.

Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, Basketballverse was founded in 2021 and is an extension of the real-world sport.

3. Virtual Pangea

Virtual Pangea allows users to immerse themselves in its multilayered world — where the 2D, 3D and AR layers meet to offer the users a seamless metaverse experience where businesses, institutions and users come together to explore and interact in the new digital world of today. This is powered by contribute and earn mechanics and smart play loops, where utility exists cross-layer.

With headquarters in Zug, Switzerland, Virtual Pangea was founded in 2021 by Dani C, Marc B, Andreea Mocanu, and Luca Moretti.

4. Lazy Lions

Founded in 2021, Lazy Lions intends to build the premier Web3 brand together with its community, driven by its shared passion for NFTs, gaming and the metaverse.

Lazy Lions is a limited collection of unique, programmatically generated NFTs hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Lazy Lion is unique — just like you and programmatically generated from over 160 possible traits, including clothing, mane, expression, and more.

5. NerdGames

By incorporating blockchain technologies into the gaming industry, Web3 gaming has changed the entire gameplay experience, NerdGames has decentralized the gaming industry by replacing central game admins and platform owners. As a result, Web3 gaming is a step forward in the transformation of the digital gaming industry.

NerdGames aims to harness this revolutionary Web3 technology and create an entirely new experience for its users. Whether it’s the blockchain game arcade or an exciting metaverse, NerdGames is truly bringing the Web3 gaming dream to reality.

Based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, NerdGames was founded in 2021 by David Fhima, Jérémie Cohen, Jefferson Joseph Meguira, and Samuel Jami.

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