The Economist Metaverse Summit Set the Industry Standard for Events: Here’s Why

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The Economist Metaverse Summit Set the Industry Standard for Events: Here’s Why

Now and again, moments in your life change you. The Economist Metaverse event is one of them.

As many of you know, the Metaverse Insider has worked hard not only to map the metaverse market and build out our intelligence platform but to tell its story through excellent editorial and content.

But often, due to the sheer size of the industry and diverging opinions on the metaverse, it has been tricky to distinguish its future. Something the Economist Metaverse Summit effortlessly managed to capture through its quality speaker list and caliber of attendees.

Perched by our stall at the summit, I was blown away by the quality of networking and conversations between friend and foe in front of me.

Industry veterans are well aware of the differentiating schools of thought in the metaverse. On one side, we have a web3 decentralized metaverse embodying the laws of the smart contract, and on the other, a more centralized metaverse void of decentralized deployment methods but abundant in immersive technology like VR.

Nick Clegg, ex-British deputy Prime Minister and President of Global Affairs at Meta

The Economist Metaverse Summit managed to bring together opposing camps that captured the very spirit of the metaverse: collaboration, innovation, and, most importantly, inclusion.

I’m often bewitched by how conferences such as NFT London, NFT NYC, and other hype-laden mega-events can charge in excess of $800 for a sardine-packed, half-baked ‘metaverse event.’ (We’ve all seen the pictures of empty conference halls).

Thus, the Economist Metaverse Summit was a pure breath of fresh air, enticing entrepreneurial business leaders from across the spectrum, regardless of philosophy, to get together in a well-mannered structured way to enact deliverables. It has shown the industry’s ability to move away from the dogmatic hype train and toward commonalities to create an industry confluence we all want.

Interviewing Dirk Leuth, one of the Co-Founders of Upland

Commonality is the keyword here; the Economist Metaverse Summit has set the standard for what metaverse conferences should be; let’s hope others take note.

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