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16 Best Metaverse Websites to Gain the Full Metaverse Experience (Ranked)

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With recent developments in the VR/AR, Crypto and 3D virtual world space, there are thousands of websites trying to attract traffic by posting news, data and information about the Metaverse. However, it is important to find credible sources of information to stay up to date on reliable data. We’ve outlined a few of the best Metaverse websites within this article that post reliable information consistently.

Key Points

  • Metaverse Websites are the best source of reliable information on all recent developments within the Web3 space.
  • Finding reliable information is extremely important, which is why this article outlines some of the best Metaverse Websites in 2022.
  • Every website has its area of speciality; for example, NFT Plazas specializes in NFT collections, whereas Metaverse Insider specializes in all updates regarding the Metaverse.

Brief History of Metaverse Websites

Neal Stephenson coined the term “Metaverse” in 1992, and while the concept has been around for a long time, it has gained immense popularity over the past couple of years. Here is a breakdown of the history of Metaverse to analyze the growth of Metaverse websites over the past few years.

Facebook’s announcement about rebranding itself to “Meta” sparked tremendous interest in the Metaverse. As a result, there was a significant information gap that many businesses sought to fill by providing informative content on exciting developments within this space.

It is important to remember that each site has its area of expertise and provides its unique perspective. Furthermore, since the Metaverse concept is rapidly evolving, you may see conflicting views online as every individual seeks to understand it from their point of view. 

However, amid all this new information online, it is more important than ever to find reliable websites that post concrete statistics and logical facts to support their arguments. While many claim to be “experts” within the virtual space, very few can back up what they state within their content.

The Creation of Metaverse Websites

Here is a breakdown of the history of Metaverse to see how the Metaverse websites have grown over the past years:

Metaverse Websites Timeline Starting from 1983 till Date

  • 1992: The concept of virtual worlds and digital currencies was first outlined by Neal Stephenson in his novel “Snow Crash”.
  • 1993: This was the invention era for the “Proof of Work” by Moni Naor and Cynthia Dwork. Simply put, proof of work usage to verify cryptocurrency was presented, which Satoshi Nakamoto later utilized. 
  • 1998: In 1998, the B-money system came into existence. This was the very first system to allow transactions to be publicly broadcast but also anonymously at the same time.
  • 2002: The digital twins’ concept was brought into existence in 2002. An expert in Product Lifecycle Management, Dr Grieves produced this concept to test, manufacture, design and support the products created in the digital world.
  • 2003: The massively popular social networking game Second Life was launched in June 2003. This concept brought an interactive 3D environment that allows high-end social networking and communication with data. This was one of the first steps toward building the Metaverse as we see it today.
  • 2006: Roblox was launched in 2006. This gaming platform is considered a prototype and path for Metaverse to exist now. This game included all the foundations for Metaverse and its characters, virtual economy and interactive experiences.
  • 2009: 2009 was the era for the launch of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, which transformed the process of transactions and the way we perceive money.
  • 2011: Ernest Cline’s book Ready Player One was published in 2011. RPO later influenced “original” Virtual Reality. “What’s truly surprising to me is that a lot of the folks at Oculus VR and other firms who were producing Virtual Reality tell me that Ready Player One is among their key motivations in exploring VR,” Cline described.
  • 2012: A “colored coin” printed on the Bitcoin blockchain gives rise to non-fungible tokens in 2012.
  • 2014: In 2014, Facebook purchased Oculus, a virtual reality device that has already transformed gaming. According to Facebook/Meta, the headgear will “fundamentally change virtual social contact, and then the globe.”
  • 2015: The launch of the Ethereum blockchain, which enables the creation of cryptocurrencies and decentralized apps, took place in 2015.
  • 2015: The release of Decentraland took place during this year. According to its description, it is “a Metaverse, a three-dimensional social world with a standard economic system. Esteban Ordano, the founder, wanted to create a self-sufficient economy where anyone could rent property, put up billboards, and build gathering areas.
  • 2016: Thousands of individuals roamed the streets searching for creatures in Pokémon GO. Being one of the first video games to unite the actual and virtual worlds, it helped augmented reality (AR) move from the fringes to the centre. was also launched in 2016, a German startup which created the DAO. The “decentralized variant of Airbnb,” a massive hit at the time, earned more than 150 million dollars in Ethereum through a fundraising campaign.
  • 2017: The launch of Fortnite took place in 2017. It was “an amazing approach of merging one game after the other” to interconnect all Epic Games’ competitions titles.
  • 2018: A blockchain-dependent combat game with intricate owned by the players’ economies and incentives is called Axie Infinity, and it was created by the Sky Mavis firm in 2018.
  • 2021: Mesh by Microsoft launched in 2021. Microsoft’s new mixed reality (MR) platform has materialized, although in a “limited free sample” form, unlike Facebook’s, that is now known as Meta’s Metaverse notion. The technology will allow teams from many places to interact and exchange AR.
  • 2022: This year has experienced the most significant boom in Metaverse technology with hundreds of exciting NFT projects, numerous developments in the VR/AR space and more. Large tech giants are looking into exciting innovations such as haptic body suits, AR contact lenses and more.

Top 16 Metaverse Websites

Many Metaverse websites keep people interested in Metaverse by displaying news, information, and data on different Metaverse platforms, devices and technologies that are on the rise. Here are a few Metaverse websites to learn about the technology. 

1. The Metaverse Insider

The Metaverse Insider is the top news source and data on the Metaverse sector, offering insightful coverage of the sector’s quickly changing market. The articles cover developments in web3, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and other technologies that have the potential to upend established markets and open up exciting new possibilities. The articles on this site range from press releases to interviews with top industry leaders and much more. The sheer diversity and quality of content on the website make the Metaverse Insider top of this list. 

metaverse market map

2. The VR Soldier

The VR Soldier, founded in 2017, has a section for VR news and provides a range of educational publications regarding VR, AR, NFTs, Metaverse, gaming, etc. Additionally, a portion of their website is devoted to education, with articles on topics like VR, Defi, NFTs, AI & Big Data, and much more.

3. 24/7 Crypto

24/ was launched in the last quarter of 2021. Their goal is to assist readers in understanding the decentralized web by providing clear explanations of cryptocurrencies, the Metaverse, and NFTs. They have a group of journalists on our staff that has held important positions at major British publications for many years.

4. Metaversal

With a “creator-first” approach, Metaversal provides weekly updates on new digital collections, NFTs, and virtual worlds. In addition, this platform provides you with pertinent information, such as guidelines on how to spot a fake NFT project. You can also find plenty of instructions on various NFTs project minting procedures.

5. LatentView Analytics Blog

One of the biggest and quickest virtual analytics companies worldwide is LatentView Analytics. This Metaverse website gives businesses a complete picture of the types of virtual consumers, allowing them to understand new income streams in the digital space, estimate consumer demand for certain products, boost customer retention rates, and make the best investment choices.

6. SuperRare Magazine

SuperRare is a marketplace where users may buy, sell, and exchange one-of-a-kind virtual artworks. Each work of art is produced by a member of the network and tokenized as an exchangeable digital asset. In addition, SuperRare Magazine is a unique platform that covers news and details on various exciting NFT collections.

7. Hypergrid Business

This Metaverse website is an excellent place to obtain current and factual news, updates, and information on the Metaverse. OpenSim, a scalable, open-source person-to-person VR platform that enables users to send messages, virtual items, and even their characters from one environment to another, is the main emphasis of Hypergrid Business, but it has expanded to encompass VR hardware, software, and industry news.

8. Play to Earn

The talented Play to Earn team describes themselves as “metaverse citizens”. Since January 2020, they have been devoted to delivering news and editorial material regarding non-fungible assets, crypto art, and blockchain games. The website also shows the top gaming tokens and how they are all doing relative to the current market trends.

9. XR Today

The XR Today covers Web3, virtual reality, and mixed reality news in addition to the most recent Metaverse news. It is a reliable go-to source for information on the extended reality sector. You will have full access to all the knowledge you require regarding other worlds on this Metaverse website, including specialized content, educational resources, video-first interviews, and even digital events.

10. The Merkle Hash

One of the first websites on this list is The Merkle Hash called The Merkle, which was established in 2014. The Merkle began as a Bitcoin news blog before changing into an industry news portal. As a result, you’ll be able to discover evaluations of various websites and services, enlightening articles on NFTs and the Metaverse, and lists of the top cryptos to follow and keep an eye on.

11. New World Notes

This weblog by the author Wagner James Au offers entertaining updates and commentary on Second Life, Sansar, High Fidelity, Sinespace, and other virtual worlds, as well as VR, cutting-edge gaming, and three-dimensional technologies. It is one of the oldest known Metaverse websites, with a large reader base.

12. What Are the Most Promising Metaverse Websites?

Information on the Metaverse is organized on different Metaverse websites and blogs. The sites mentioned below regularly deliver reliable, informative content about the Metaverse and can easily be your go-to source for all updates regarding the Web3 space.

13. Metaverse Planet Blog

You may discover online diaries, news, and updates regarding Metaverse, as well as the display and analysis of Metaverse currencies, at Metaverse Planet. In addition, the blog regularly publishes about virtual events, NFT collections and more.

14. Metacoinses Blog

On topics related to the Metaverse, Metacoinses provides reliable and valuable information. However, the focus has mostly been on how the Metaverse combines the physical and virtual worlds. In addition, this frequently implies viewing the Metaverse as being formed and in an experimental stage with ongoing modifications. 

15. Decentraland Blog

Powered by the Ethereum Blockchain, Decentraland is a massive virtual world with many users worldwide. The Decentraland Blog aims to explain different features within the Metaverse and how users can utilize tools such as builders, avatar customizers and more. If you’re exploring Decentraland, this blog is the most reliable resource. 

16. AR Post

One of the Metaverse websites, AR Post, emphasizes the usage of alternate realities in today’s world. This compiles the most recent information, opinions, and summaries. This Metaverse website provides regular updates on virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and their usage in the development of the Metaverse.

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  • Why are Metaverse Websites important? 

Metaverse websites post news, tutorials and guidelines on important subjects within the Web3 interface. While hundreds of websites are available online, it is essential to identify reliable sources to get authentic content so that readers can get the most out of their Metaverse experience.

  • What do Metaverse Websites specialize in?

Each Metaverse website has its area of specialization. For example, the Metaverse Insider offers updates within the Metaverse space, such as developments within the VR, AR and MR spaces, virtual worlds and much more.

  • How to find reliable Metaverse Websites?

We’ve outlined some of the top Metaverse Websites within this article. However, it is essential to consider certain factors while selecting your “go-to” source of information. This includes frequency of posting, type of content, statistics and much more.


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Jake Vikoren

Jake Vikoren

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Deep Prasad

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Araceli Venegas

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The Future of Materials Discovery: Reducing R&D Costs significantly with GenMat’s AI and Machine Learning Tools

When: July 13, 2023 at 11:30am

What: GenMat Webinar

Jake Vikoren

Jake Vikoren

Company Speaker

Deep Prasad

Deep Prasad

Company Speaker

Araceli Venegas

Araceli Venegas

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