Felix Hartmann, Founder of Metaverse-focused Investment Fund, Gives His Two Cents on The State of Play in the Space in DCENTRAL Miami Interview

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Felix Hartmann, Founder of Metaverse-focused Investment Fund, Gives His Two Cents on The State of Play in the Space in DCENTRAL Miami Interview

Bad Idea?

With Meta announcing its second successive quarter of year-over-year revenue slump last week, which could be due in part to its failing Metaverse project, some people could say investing in the Metaverse is now a bad idea.

For others, it’s the complete opposite.

Paul Barron Network Chat

To get a little more insight into this, Paul Barron — host of the Paul Barron Network — recently interviewed Felix Hartmann, Founder, Managing General Partner and CIO of Hartmann Capital, a frontier-tech investment firm that seeks out opportunities in such verticals as digital assets, Metaverse, VR/AR, space, and AI, at DCENTRAL Miami, a Web3 Conference.

Hartmann, a tech entrepreneur, futurist and asset manager, sits on the DAO of Enzyme finance and 88MPH, founded Crypto Academy, and published the bestselling dystopian fiction novel Dark Age.

“I do think the entire Metaverse space — and when I say that I mean entertainment and social networks — with the mass consumer market will likely lead the next bull market,” said Hartmann, responding to Barron’s question as to whether the Metaverse is breaking out

Barron then mentioned that he expects a lot of new players to enter the scene and that many of the future stars of the Metaverse are still in the stealth phase of development.

Digital Fashion

“Digital fashion is a segment that there are a lot of interesting startups like DRESSX, but none of them have a token yet, so I’m sure in this next bull market it’s going to be a huge segment,” said Hartmann.

Hartman Capital, whose portfolio includes Redpill VR, Neurable, SUBPAC, Cookie3 and Playible, is definitely an investment firm with a stable of cutting-edge startups in the Web3 and Metaverse space.

“And what sector are you watching right now for the next level? You’re harvesting, looking for the right talent, the right teams… Are you looking more on the gaming side, or the metaverse/NFT side?” Barron asked Hartmann Ventures’ Founder.

“Year one we focused on a lot of mixed reality (XR) because I think XR is going to bleed over into crypto. Now we want to integrate Web3 into XR,” said Hartmann.

Hartmann also mentioned AI-generated content as an area his investment fund is targeting for the expansion of its portfolio.

Caution is key to many investors in the industry, especially during the current economic climate. Hartmann, it seems, is aware of the ups and downs of the market but also sees opportunities.

Opportunities that could turn out to be very big.

James Dargan

James Dargan

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