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Is the Disney Metaverse Becoming Reality? Here’s What We Know

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Disney Metaverse, a game-changer for the company, or just an imaginative idea?

For decades, Disney has provided entertaining animated movies and characters for children and adults. The franchise is massively popular, with over $67.4 billion in revenue in 2021. Disney also owns Marvel, Pixar, and 20th Century Studios.  

With their recent interest in harnessing the massive potential of augmented reality, virtual reality, and the Metaverse, Disney has begun animating different characters in alternate realities. They’ve also recently released an AR short film featuring Brie Larson called “Remembering.”

These exciting new developments bring about a whole new realm of possibilities, with AR and VR breathing life into 2D characters that could only once be visualized on screens in the past. As a result, your favorite characters can step out of 2D screens and interact with you within your physical environment of the Metaverse.

What Can Disney Fans Expect from the Metaverse Experience?

The Disney Metaverse is expected to be a fun-fueled virtual space where users can interact with their favorite Disney characters. Every character within Disney has its massive fan following, thus ensuring that this Metaverse is projected to be an instant success. 

It is believed that the Disney Metaverse will be centralized, as Disney will seek to retain control over its virtual environments. The primary emphasis within this Metaverse will be on engaging “experiences”. We’re all set to witness a new level of immersion that has never been seen before. 

Disney has also released an NFT collection called “Golden Moments,” which contains popular characters and scenes within their movies. Disney collects six percent fees every time collectors trade these NFTs.

Apart from meeting 3D Disney characters, fans can also expect to experience Disneyland within the virtual realm. By capitalizing on the immersion provided by VR, fans can buy tickets to virtual rides that feel just as good as the real ones. 

Here are four ways that fans can expect Metaverse technology to play a role in their experience of the Disney Metaverse:

VR/AR Experiences

By putting on a VR headset, you can use your phone to enter a virtual theme park, take your favorite rides, and much more. The Disney Metaverse will focus extensively on immersion; thus fans can expect extremely realistic experiences.

You can visit your favorite Disneyland locations; have the experiences you want in this vast Metaverse simply through a mobile application. Moreover, users can do all this from the comfort of their homes. Thus, avoiding the hassle of planning a vacation and waiting in long lines at a physical theme park. 

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Internet of Things

The Internet of things is a system that involves data exchange among physical things embedded with software, sensors, and other technologies between computer systems and different devices. 

This technology is important as it allows the creation of digital “twins,” enabling users to create their online presence and meet 3D virtual characters, hop on rides and hang out with friends within the Disney Metaverse. 

Artificial Intelligence

All animated characters within Disney land are imaginary and mostly created on a 2D plane. However, with the Disney Metaverse, the creative experts at Disney are planning to use AI to make 3D representations of these characters that are animated and can have customized interactions with fans.

To further propel its vision, Disney has hired experienced experts such as Mike White to lead the “next generation of storytelling.” AI facilitates analyzing user environments to allow the creation of 3D characters within physical spaces using AR.  

Augmented Reality

This technology is widely accessible on most smartphones today. Thus there is no need to purchase expensive headsets to start experiencing different elements of the Disney Metaverse. Augmented Reality facilitates overlapping virtual objects within a user’s physical environment with the help of cameras, sensors, and extensive image processing. Once the terrain around the individual is mapped, virtual objects can easily be projected onto the physical world.

Most In-Demand Metaverse Contents from Disney

Disney is home to popular Disney princesses, princes, monsters, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and many other characters we have seen since childhood. The franchise has entertained millions of people worldwide, 

There is no doubt that many Metaverse users will have high expectations for this magical world. Many would want to step into the shoes of their favorite characters, have special powers, and enjoy the Disney experience. 

Here are five things we believe will be quite in demand from the users of the Disney Metaverse. So, without any further wait, let’s get started.

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Living with the Mickey Mouse

The “Hey Disney!” upgrade for Amazon’s virtual assistant allows users to substitute Mickey Mouse’s voice for Alexa! You aren’t only limited to Mickey Mouse; several voices for beloved Disney characters will control a large number of Alexa’s capabilities, completely altering the user experience. 

The technology is so beloved by Disney authorities that they have included it in hotel rooms at the Disneyland Resort! 

Bringing Characters to Life

The current generation of children will experience entertainment in a completely different form. Static 2D characters will now appear as 3D objects and using different technologies, you will also be able to interact with them from the comfort of your own home.

Mickey Mouse and other characters will start to appear in your house. So if Goofy is your favorite character, you may summon him to your home to hang out. There are also rumors of a story mode that allows users to step into character storylines and experience their favorite movies from a first-person perspective.

Visit Disney Theme Parks from Your Home

For Disney, one of the best aspects of the Metaverse is its ability to facilitate monetization. By creating irresistible virtual experiences that users will want to join, Disney can charge entry fees to experiences such as rides, different game modes, and more. 

Plus, the convenience of just picking up a headset and stepping into a theme park is immense. Users can plan impromptu sessions at the last minute with friends and interact simultaneously within the Disney Metaverse. 

The Kinect Disneyland Adventures game released in 2011 offered a brief glimpse into the potential of this concept. With over 14.19 million headsets projected to be sold in 2022, the demand for VR gear is slowly increasing as users realize this technology’s exciting potential.

Since the Metaverse concept still has a long way to go to reach its full potential, several things need to be improved. For example, users have reported experiencing nausea. 

Reliving Golden Moments Within the Disney Metaverse

Over the past few decades, Disney has managed to connect with its audience in meaningful ways creating immense attachment and fond memories. Because those special moments meant so much to us as kids, the same passion is displayed even when we grow up. However, as time goes on, many of these memories have begun to fade away, and Disney has also made several changes to appeal to a wide audience. 

But a walk down memory lane seems to be one of the most exciting aspects of the Disney Metaverse. Users can relive their favorite memories in the most immersive way, and Disney can find creative ways to resonate their values through these shared experiences.

For example, even in Disneyland, several changes are regularly made to make room for upcoming attractions. However, this makes fans feel frustrated as they feel part of their childhood is being ripped away. However, with the Disney Metaverse, the franchise can cater to the needs of its nostalgic fans and create a large library of memoirs of its iconic characters and movies.

mickey and minnie mouse in disney metaverse

More Immersive Experiences

The Disney franchise has been incredible at storytelling. With the help of these new technologies, they can take their efforts to a completely new level. In addition, the concept of the Metaverse resolves numerous issues for Disney as they do not have to worry about things such as finances for property, etc.

This frees up room for them to focus on creating immersive experiences that are set to revolutionize the way we interact virtually. With numerous resources for developers, such as the Omniverse by NVIDIA, Disney can easily build stunning replicas of their Disneyland locations and other virtual landscapes. 

Disney’s Statements on Metaverse

Disney has released several statements indicating their plans to create a Metaverse. These include: 

Announcement For Blockchain Technology

The CEO of Disney, Bob Chapek announced their plans to incorporate blockchain technology into their entertainment to allow for monetization of their Metaverse efforts. Disney’s approach to building its Metaverse is simple; they aim to change “the future of storytelling” through interactive technologies.

Partnership With Obsess

Disney has partnered with Obsess to launch a virtual store celebrating 100 years of providing quality entertainment. Obsess has previously assisted large brands such as Ralph Lauren in setting up shop in the Metaverse. Disney fans can now walk into a Disney-themed virtual store to purchase various unique digital accessories, including soundtracks, Disney songs, and much more.

Announcement About Disney Metaverse Theme Parks

Theme parks for the Disney Metaverse have also been hinted at by the previous executive vice president Tilak Mandadi for Disney digitals through his LinkedIn post in 2020. The users can enter the theme parks through augmented reality, wearable devices, mobile phones, NFTs, and more. 

Plans For Disney +

Moreover, Bob Chapek also spoke about Disney+ being part of the Disney Metaverse, a streaming service for the brand. He further elaborated that the visitors to the Disney Metaverse World will live through a 3D canvas. This will be a type of a 3D storytelling experience for users. It could involve the cast and characters from Snow White, Mickey Mouse, Luke Skywalker, Iron Man, and others.

Release Of NFT Collection

The brand has also experimented with NFTs and blockchain-dependent technologies.  They have produced an NFT collection known as Golden Moments, resembling the statues of characters from Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, and Pixar. Even though Disney is not putting in efforts to shift to the virtual world completely, it is still investing in the Disney Metaverse to be a better place and a great experience for users to have fun and shift from a two-dimensional world to a three-dimensional world.

Currently, there is still a long way to go before we can see the Disney Metaverse that we’d like to have. Disney is working on testing different components, such as AR film releases, NFT collections, VR experiences, and more. We project these are planned to eventually be accumulated into one massive centralized Metaverse, with Disney leading the reigns towards borderless entertainment that offers unparalleled immersion.

Disney Metaverse Launch Date

The Disney Metaverse has been headlining for quite a while now, but there is yet to be a concrete timeline on when we could expect to see the interactive Metaverse. With the incredible creative minds behind their entertainment, the world has very high expectations. 

For now, fans can browse their virtual stores, watch their short AR films, and have fun while watching their upcoming 3D movies. This includes the Avengers series Wandavision, the Mandalorian, an adventure of Star Wars, and many more. 

A complete Metaverse isn’t expected to be around for a while, where you can expect to hug Mickey Mouse or other characters. However, with Microsoft’s mixed reality capabilities and other exciting technologies, such as haptic body suits and gloves, the goal for an interactive Metaverse certainly seems achievable.

Key Points

  • This article aims to elaborate upon the latest updates for the Disney Metaverse.
  • Disney latest appointments point toward Generation Storytelling as part of their larger Metaverse strategy.
  • The Disney Metaverse is bringing many magical expectations for the fans.
  • The fans can expect visits to Disneyland, virtual Disney stores, immersing themselves in Disney storylines, and more through the Disney Metaverse.
  • Disney Metaverse will use AI, the Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and more technologies to provide the best experiences to their fans.
  • There will be a lot of content available in the Disney Metaverse, including iconic characters such as Mickey, Stitch, and much more.


Q1. Is there a Disney Metaverse?

While Disney has not specifically launched a separate Metaverse, the team has been working on several Metaverse-themed technologies, such as incorporating blockchain technologies, releasing AR films, establishing virtual stores, and much more.

Q2. Has Disney invested in the Metaverse?

Disney has been working on several things, such as NFT collections, virtual stores, and other digital accessories. They have also recently released “Remembering”, an AR film starring Brie Larson.  

Q3. Has Disney released any statements about the Metaverse?

CEO of Disney, Bob Chapek has announced that the team is working on incorporating blockchain technology within their entertainment experiences. As part of their Metaverse strategy, Disney has appointed Mike White as VP of Next Generation Storytelling. 


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The Future of Materials Discovery: Reducing R&D Costs significantly with GenMat’s AI and Machine Learning Tools

When: July 13, 2023 at 11:30am

What: GenMat Webinar

Jake Vikoren

Jake Vikoren

Company Speaker

Deep Prasad

Deep Prasad

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Araceli Venegas

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