Watches of the Metaverse: The Next Phenomenon in Wearable Devices?

round black digital watch at 6:50
round black digital watch at 6:50

Watches of the Metaverse: The Next Phenomenon in Wearable Devices?

Watches are on the rise

Wearable electronic devices are quickly becoming an integral segment of the consumer electronics industry. From the first digital watch being released in 1972 to the Apple Watch series we have today – it is evident that wearable technology is exponentially gaining popularity.  

The Metaverse promises great things concerning wearable tech. Whether in the form of headsets, motion suits, or wristbands – we can expect phenomenal leaps in hardware to help support user experiences. Therefore, we cannot disregard the potential application of watches in this new age of technology.  

The watch went from simply being a timeless, time-telling accessory, to a device that can help track fitness. I am not sure anyone saw that coming. Digital watches seamlessly evolved into the smartwatches we know today – and that can be expected again with the transition from ‘smart’ to AR and VR-enabled Metaverse watches. 

Smartwatches currently play their purpose; they link up to our mobile phones and allow for a greater user experience. Whether to track your steps, listen to music or pay for a coffee, all this can also be implemented into a Metaverse watch – just with enhanced functionality as an input device for AR and VR headsets. 

There is always going to be a desire for mechanical watches in the community; many online retailers like Chrono24 predominately sell them. However, can the same be said for smart watches once Metaverse watches are available?  

How can wearable technology improve Metaverse experiences?

Wearable technology will be at the forefront of immersive experiences in the Metaverse – allowing for a network to be made between several devices. By implementing AR and VR technology in conjunction with 3D spatial sound and movement, users will truly be able to experience the virtual world through a new lens. Metaverse experiences from entertainment to education would all benefit from wearable technology; greater immersion leads to greater engagement.  

Watches present great potential as a device in the Metaverse; by being paired with headsets and other devices, they could add new, innovative experiences. From producing 3D maps and projecting video calls from your wrist, the extent of its functionality can far surpass the current smartwatch.  

Where are we now?

Smartwatches are still too limited to be implemented as Metaverse devices, but they are becoming more functional daily. There are currently no Metaverse watches available on the market – however, I suspect it will not be long until a device of this sort is announced. Whether it be a watch with an interface or a simplified wristband that compliments headsets – we will be excited to see it in action.  

In 2019, Meta bought a start-up called CTRL-Labs. They developed a technology utilizing electromyography, whereby hardware on the wrist can measure electrical impulses from the brain and convert them into computer commands. This is cutting-edge technology with the capacity to drastically change the way we interact with the virtual world. The possibilities are endless if this is successfully implemented into a wristband as a prominent Metaverse device.  

Wearable technology is the future

Technology is moving in a mobile direction – not being limited to monitors, TVs, or unnecessary cables. Mobile phones demonstrated the potential of this concept, and wearable devices will take it to the next level. Watches and wristbands are frequently overshadowed by the concept of AR/VR headsets – however, they will certainly play an important role in the future of how we experience the Metaverse.  

Josh Hatton

Josh Hatton

Josh Hatton is the Interview Director and Editorial Executive at the Metaverse Insider, the leading metaverse publication. With expertise in conducting insightful interviews, Josh is recognized for his ability to engage industry leaders in the metaverse space. Leveraging his deep understanding of emerging technologies, he keeps readers informed about the latest and most exciting developments in this rapidly evolving field. With an MSc in Biotechnology and a deep passion for science and technology, Josh's insatiable curiosity fuels his pursuit of insider knowledge in the metaverse industry.

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