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12 Best VR Worlds to Visit in Metaverse [2024 Updated]

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With over 171 million VR users worldwide, the trend for joining VR worlds is at an all-time high. There are several popular VR worlds such as Decentraland, Second Life and Otherside that we individuals can visit in 2024. 

What Are VR Worlds

A virtual world is a computer-generated simulation of 3D environments that users can step into and explore using “avatars“. A virtual reality headset is required to fully experience the virtual realm’s immersion. Users can also interact with other individuals online, and with the rise of the Metaverse, there are multiple virtual worlds being built for users to explore.

Users have complete control over the customization of their avatars, and most VR world platforms provide in-built avatar customizers that offer various options. VR worlds such as Decentraland also provide 3D development tools to allow users to create their virtual environments entirely.

12 Best VR Worlds to Visit in 2024

Currently, there are several exciting VR worlds for you to visit, and there are also numerous projects that are currently being built. Here are a few of the best VR Worlds you can enjoy visiting in the Metaverse 2024.

1. Second Life

Launched by Linden Labs in 2003, Second Life is considered the first virtual world created. It has over 64.7 million active users on its platform and relies heavily on user-generated content. 

The platform provides several tools for users to customize avatars, create 3D objects and buildings, and even design animations.

This interactive VR world utilizes “Linden Dollars” as its native currency. There are plenty of opportunities for users to earn by playing games, creating 3D objects, selling real estate, hosting events, and more. For example, Ailin Graef is a Second Life user that has become a millionaire by selling real estate within this VR world. 

2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

The Elder Scrolls franchise is very well known amongst the gaming community, and Bethesda Game Studios launched this incredible VR world in 2018. Stepping into the massive fantasy world of Skyrim is breathtaking, even if you’re just looking to explore the world instead of dueling different creatures.

Whether you’re exploring dark caves, or walking through serene open fields, the level of immersion within this VR world is unparalleled. You can battle powerful dragons, complete challenges, and more from a first-person perspective.

3. World of Warcraft (VR)

If you’re a fan of fantasy-based virtual worlds with warriors and wizards, World of Warcraft is the perfect choice to explore in 2024. Although it initially started as just a multiplayer game, it has evolved into one of the first instances of virtual worlds. 

The addition of VR amplified the interactive storyline, and users can now fly, fight, interact with different objects, and much more from a first-person perspective and immerse themselves in the incredible gameplay. You can team up with other players to take on monsters, complete challenges, and much more!

4. Obduction

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be abducted by aliens? This immersive VR world revolves around the same concept, where you are transported to different alien worlds and have to find your way back home. Obduction was released in August 2016 and still offers some of the best graphics to date.

Despite being within alien territories, there are several similar elements that remind players of back home, such as the Grand Canyon. The objective is to solve puzzles by making key decisions and scavenging through factories and forests.

5. Minecraft

This massive virtual world does not need an introduction. Launched in 2011, Minecraft reached its peak monthly active user count (131 million) in 2020. The game is still extremely popular and has partnered with numerous brands, such as Burberry, to launch digital collections.

Players are fully equipped with tools to create their own environments while also playing different interactive games. The virtual world utilizes Minecoins as its native currency and players can monetize their creations to earn money while having a great time exploring this massive 3D space. 

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6. Somnium Space

With around 23,000 monthly active users, Somnium Space is another worthwhile VR world to visit in 2024. The Metaverse enables users to purchase virtual real estate, build large properties, design environments and play a large variety of games. 

Several events are hosted within this virtual world, and users can see upcoming events by visiting their site. Players can also list their creations for sale on different marketplaces to earn. The virtual world utilizes CUBE as its native currency.

7. Upland

Built primarily for trading virtual land digital assets, Upland gives users to purchase virtual replicas of places in the real world. For example, you can purchase virtual land in New York, California, and more! Players can mint land parcels on the Ethereum blockchain, thus securing complete ownership for the buyer.

Upland has amassed a large user base with over 150,000 active users. This virtual world utilizes UPX as its utility token, and users can purchase UPX through the game store.

For more information, check out our article about Upland Metaverse.

8. Otherside (VR World)

The Otherside Metaverse has been built by the creators of the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection. Players get access to unique land perks and other NFTs. The platform’s currency APE can be used to purchase land and other NFTs making this a very interesting VR world to visit in 2024.

Currently, it can support up to 10,000 active players simultaneously and allows them to own land and build custom worlds. Digital land sales within the Otherside have been very successful, with their first auction generating $300 million in revenue within a few days.

9. Voxels

Voxels is an Ethereum-based massive VR world that allows users to create digital environments. Players can set up art galleries, purchase land parcels, and more. Land parcels are called Voxel Parcels and can be purchased using ETH.

The level of detail within this VR world is incredible, everything from streets to building structures is clearly defined, thus offering a very realistic user experience. 

10. AltspaceVR

This VR world is widely known for various events ranging from educational lectures to concerts and even comedy nights. You can explore this virtual world with your friends and meet new acquaintances. Microsoft acquired the platform in 2017, and it offers access to a vibrant 3D virtual world perfect for reshaping social interactions.

The platform features extremely realistic avatars, 3D sounds, and stunning environments that individuals and businesses can customize and utilize for virtual events such as conferences, concerts, strategy sessions, remote working, and much more.

This VR world is accessible via any virtual reality headset, including the MetaQuest 2, HTC Vive, Hololens2, and much more. The dynamics within the game are very interactive, allowing players to grab, throw and shoot different items. The primary objective of this VR world is to create stunning experiences, allowing for borderless connectivity.

11. Decentraland VR World

Decentraland is another extremely popular VR world that allows users to interact with other players, shop, work, and play within a simulated 3D environment. The platform recorded over 300,000 daily active users in 2024. Virtual real estate is a very hot commodity in this VR world, with land being sold for up to $2.4 million.

The VR world uses MANA as its native currency. Also, it offers several 3D development tools that allow users to create interactive digital assets that can be sold on in-game and secondary marketplaces. 

If you are interested to find out more, check out the article we have prepared about Decentraland Metaverse.

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12. Roblox VR World

This massive VR world contains over 40 million user-generated games and has around 200 million active users. Since the platform relies heavily on user-generated content, players can utilize several 3D development tools to build their games and virtual worlds.

The platform uses Robux as its currency, and players can earn Robux by hosting events, monetizing creations, and much more. Popular musicians such as Lil Nas X and David Guetta have also hosted concerts within the virtual world. There are also several options for players to customize in-game avatars. They can also participate in ongoing tournaments to earn rewards. The platform also allows them to connect with big brands such as Nike in their VR worlds within Roblox Metaverse

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How Does VR World Function

The science behind creating the best VR worlds is incredibly complex as it involves several elements that developers have to consider to create 3D elements. Tech giants such as Meta have created immersive VR headgear that is fully equipped with sensors such as magnetometers, accelerometers, gyroscopes, and more.

This VR hardware enables computers to carefully analyze the virtual avatar’s movement. For example, if you’re moving your head up and down in real life while wearing a headset, the algorithms have to compute data from the sensors mentioned above to simulate movements in real time. These calculations are made within milliseconds, as a slight delay can make the entire experience unrealistic. 

Modern headsets such as the MetaQuest2 also offer hand-tracking features. So users do not need to use controllers to interact with objects in the virtual world. These headsets also offer 3D audio, which further enhances immersion within the virtual realm.


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How to Get into VR Worlds?

Stepping into a VR world is incredibly easy. After you’ve decided which platform to use, you need to create an account on the platform and put it on your VR headset. To perform transactions within VR worlds, you would need to connect your digital wallet to the platform with the selected platform’s native currency. 

The VR headset is a gadget that covers your eyes and is an essential component of the VR experience. Players can opt for a wireless headset to get better freedom of movement. The MetaQuest 2 is also compatible with PC, which is why it is a very popular option among VR enthusiasts. 

Although headsets come with their own 3D sounds, you can utilize your own earphones. VR users can also wear haptic feedback gloves and utilize VR treadmills to walk around the virtual realm.

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What Are Future VR World Features

VR worlds have been termed “the future of social media” by Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Meta. These incredible VR Worlds have the potential to fully revolutionize the way we interact online. The added option of earning through these platforms is a huge incentive for users to join VR worlds.

In the future, it is expected for users to be able to completely immerse themselves within the virtual realm and practically “live” in the Metaverse. Large companies such as Meta, Microsoft and NVIDIA have dedicated themselves to creating immersive hardware and software.

Long hours within the virtual realm can have adverse side effects in real life, such as nausea. We can expect hardware to evolve immensely to allow users to spend a lot of time. There are several other interesting innovations such as interactive haptic body suits and VR treadmills. We can expect much more improvement in the VR worlds we see today.


  • What are the best VR worlds to visit in 2024?

The Otherside Metaverse, Decentraland and Roblox are some of the best VR worlds that users should definitely visit in 2024. 

  • How can you earn within VR worlds?

Most VR worlds offer users the option to monetize their creations. Players can utilize 3D development tools to create digital objects that can be listed for sale on marketplaces. Other ways to earn include hosting events, completing challenges, buying and selling virtual real estate and more. 

  • What do users need to enter VR worlds?

Users need to create an account on the VR World platform and utilize VR headsets. Such as the Meta Quest 2, HP Reverb G2, Valve Index and more.


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The Future of Materials Discovery: Reducing R&D Costs significantly with GenMat’s AI and Machine Learning Tools

When: July 13, 2023 at 11:30am

What: GenMat Webinar

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