GamesPad: The Ultimate Gaming NFT Metaverse Ecosystem with Eran Elhanani and Constantin Kogan

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GamesPad: The Ultimate Gaming NFT Metaverse Ecosystem with Eran Elhanani and Constantin Kogan

At The Metaverse Insider, we had the pleasure of interviewing Eran Elhanani and Constantin Kogan, the respective co-founders of GamesPad and BullPerks. In noticing the trend between gaming and the Metaverse, Eran and Constantin were quick to establish themselves within this flourishing market – founding the “ultimate gaming NFT Metaverse ecosystem”, GamesPad. With Eran and Constantin’s accumulated success, we were eager to hear more about how they are positioning themselves for the onset of a mainstream Metaverse.  

What is BullPerks and GamesPad? 

BullPerks is a decentralized venture capital firm and multi-chain launchpad that was founded in June 2021. The company was created due to the need for better risk management practices in the investment space to address the risks presented in working with syndicate operators. Bullperks has listed more than 50 projects and has a strong track record, with some projects performing exceptionally well. The company is both chain and sector agnostic, having integrated 17 chains across various industries.  

GamesPad is the second venture of Bullperks and is focused on the gaming NFT Metaverse ecosystem. The company saw the trend of gaming and the Metaverse early and was one of the first launchpads to launch these kinds of projects. To address the issues faced by other projects in the space, the company built a strong team and acquired two studios to help build its own Metaverse. They have already released a trailer and started selling Mystery Boxes preparing for land sales:  

“We built the right team. We hired top executives from top studios that participated in games like World of Tanks, Assassin’s Creed, and other massive multiplayer games.” 

Who is GamesPad partnered with?  

The GamesPad has several partnerships in place to help build its ecosystem and bring in more users and investors. These partnerships are with: 

  1. Portfolio companies: The company has partnerships with companies that are already part of its portfolio and have established communities in different angles and verticals. 
  1. Exchanges: The company has partnered with exchanges to get its projects listed, which is a logical and strategic partnership. These exchanges have their own ecosystems and the company has integrated with some of them, like ACC Chain, which allows the company to offer exclusive products that it wouldn’t be able to offer otherwise. 
  1. Other chains: The company is also integrating with other chains, including some more exotic ones, to offer a unique value proposition and penetrate bigger ecosystems. This helps it maintain a chain-agnostic approach. 
  1. Marketing partnerships: The company has partnerships with big event organizers to promote their events and also has contributed writers who write articles for them and do research papers. 

GamesPad is also partnering with companies and publications to educate customers on the basics of NFTs and how to use them, as this is one of the biggest challenges the industry currently faces. Furthermore, GamesPad is also partnered with other companies like Animoca Brands to help share information and collaborate on projects. All these partnerships help GamesPad to bring in more customers, promote its projects, and subsequently build its ecosystem: 

“We’re in talks with multiple brands, big brands, whether it’s collaborations with NFTs, whether its Metaverse, so we’re trying to bring them into our ecosystem because obviously, that’s part of the adoption.” 

What differentiates GamesPad from the competition?  

GamesPad differentiates from its competition by taking a more thorough and thoughtful approach to designing its product. They took time to research and analyze existing metaverses and games, working to address the issues they saw in those projects: 

 “We took our time, we did our research, we analyzed all metaverses in games, we took the best [aspects from] of them. We saw the problems that they had and we looked for solutions with our tech guys with our game design. I mean, we really designed a unique game and a very detailed game.” 

They have also worked to create a product of high quality, both in terms of gameplay and graphics: 

“We partnered with a top 3d artist because we really cared about the quality and wanted it to be unique.” 

In terms of the company’s mission, they aim to create a Metaverse that is engaging and enjoyable for users, rather than just a platform for earning money: 

“The focus is play, live dream. You know, to socialize and earn, it’s not a play to earn, the earn is just a side bonus, but not the main feature.” 

Both Eran and Constantin also want to make their product accessible to a wide range of users, regardless of their experience with crypto; by offering various payment options and not requiring users to have a deep understanding of cryptocurrency, this removes the veil of uncertainty for many: 

“We’re making sure that this is not conceived as a crypto project. So, anyone can participate. It’s a free to play – obviously, with premiums, but it’s free to play initially. We will take credit cards, Apple pay whatever, you know, you don’t need to play with crypto. Everything is done as a black box behind the scene. You don’t need to even know that it’s a crypto project.” 

GamesPad is more than a game 

GamesPad has a vision to be more than just a game – building an ecosystem with many elaborate features with viable use cases. We can expect their platform to include big brand shopping and e-commerce, community involvement, events, and the ability for users to create, customize and utilize their own avatars in a virtual world. 

GamesPad’s platform is designed to be unique and immersive, with many opportunities for growth and engagement. The company intends to listen to the community and adjust the direction of the platform, ensuring that it remains dynamic and responsive to user needs. GamesPad sees its platform as a world with many opportunities and aims to make it exciting and versatile for its users.  

What can we expect from GamesPad in the coming years?  

With exciting times coming on GamesPad’s radar, the beta version of their project is soon on its way – demonstrating of the overall experience that the team wants to provide. The aim is to get users involved, whilst providing valuable feedback, which will be crucial for their success. To achieve this, the team plans to launch several mini-games within the project’s space – providing a way to test the overall experience and ensure it meets user expectations. 

Additionally, Eran and Constantin mention their plans to make partnerships with big brands in order to bring them into their Metaverse. This is seen as a way to build trust and attract participation from these brands, which each have their own specific needs and use cases. There was also talk of plans to partner with well-known institutions, but GamesPad were unable to reveal their names at this time – suggesting that these partnerships will bring the project to a different level.  


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