Microsoft Shuts Down Industrial Metaverse Development Group

Photo by Turag Photography

Microsoft Shuts Down Industrial Metaverse Development Group

Microsoft has announced the closure of its Industrial Metaverse Core Group in an unexpected turn of events. The team that developed Microsoft’s concept for an industrial metaverse will no longer be a part of the organisation. Microsoft has revealed plans to fire 10,000 employees starting in January.

To coordinate Microsoft’s efforts in creating a new paradigm for online collaboration and interaction, the Industrial Metaverse Core Group was set up. The group’s objective was to combine augmented and virtual reality to build an immersive industrial metaverse that could be used by organisations, people, and communities. In order to facilitate global cooperation, learning, and innovation, the group set out to create a platform.

Microsoft’s future plan has changed significantly with the closure of the Industrial Metaverse Core Group. The industrial metaverse was viewed as the next stage in this progression as the company has been a pioneer in the development of virtual and augmented reality technology. However, Microsoft will no longer be pursuing this objective in light of the group’s closure.

Those in the tech world who had been following Microsoft’s work in this area have been disappointed by the announcement of the shutdown. Many people believed that the industrial metaverse was a promising technology with the potential to significantly alter how we connect and work in the future. For individuals who had been involved, the group’s dissolution represents a serious setback.

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