Glimpse Group: Part 2 – Shaping the Metaverse with Lyron Bentovim

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Glimpse Group: Part 2 – Shaping the Metaverse with Lyron Bentovim

At The Metaverse Insider, we had the pleasure of interviewing Lyron Bentovim, President and CEO of the Glimpse Group – an immersive technology platform comprised of a diverse ecosystem of companies providing enterprise-focused AR and VR software and services.   

In the first part of our conversation, we talked about Lyron’s perspectives on immersive technology across different fields. Now, in Part 2, we delve into the Glimpse Group’s trajectory within the Metaverse space. 

Preparing for a mainstream Metaverse 

It’s evident that the Metaverse holds significant potential across various industries. Whether it’s for industrial or entertainment purposes, we anticipate an increase in the number of companies leveraging the Metaverse to develop novel products and services. Lyron explains how the Glimpse Group is strategically positioned for a mainstream Metaverse:  

“We’re building the building blocks that will [eventually] allow the Metaverse to form” 

The Metaverse will only be formed once there is a collection of worlds and experiences that are all connected – and the Glimpse Group are current leaders in facilitating this. Lyron continues: 

“It’s about allowing you as an individual to move between [these worlds], being you in whatever way you want to look – and move your property, currency, and assets with you between those worlds. Once that happens, then we will have a Metaverse.” 

For the metaverse to exist, individuals need to be able to take their assets with them across different worlds, even if the appearance and abilities of those assets change. The Glimpse Group is building various solutions for different industries, such as corporate campuses, virtual hospitals, and simulations, that will enable current and future organizations to have a presence in this revolutionary space. Lyron clarifies that the Glimpse Group is a B2B company, not B2C:  

“So, we’re B2B, not B2C. We’re not going to open something that will [directly] open for consumers to go explore. But we want to help companies like Disney to open their parks in the Metaverse, rather than open a park that will compete with Disney in the Metaverse.” 

The Glimpse Group is not focused on creating consumer-facing products, but rather on providing solutions to organizations that want to have a presence. This in turn ties into the Glimpse Group wanting to work with and help organizations understand the Metaverse and realize its potential utility for their business. 

Who are the Glimpse Group partnered with? The importance of infrastructure 

The Glimpse Group is clearly helping build towards the ecosystem that will inevitably become the Metaverse. However, in being a B2B organization, the Metaverse Insider was keen to further understand who the Glimpse Group is partnered with to help propel Metaverse initiatives.  

It is generally understood that there is a need for a solid infrastructure prior to the development of experiences within the Metaverse space; without the corresponding support, experiences will fail to meet consumer standards.  

The Glimpse Group is partnered with an abundance of companies such as Nvidia, Intel, Epic, Unity, and Motorola to help build the foundations of the ecosystem. They are partnered with many telecom providers to help implement high-performance cloud computing to the Metaverse – all whilst integrating their VR solutions into the partnership. Lyron believes that the Metaverse is not about creating individual worlds, but rather the layers of technology that are needed to connect them:  

“Nobody is building a Metaverse… you might be building a world… you’re definitely not building a Metaverse. There are layers of technology that are needed to get to the point where all this is working.” 

This clearly demonstrates that the Glimpse Group understands the importance of collaboration when it comes to Metaverse initiatives; there is no point in infrastructure without having viable experiences, and there is no purpose in these experiences without a solid infrastructure. Without collaborations as such, there will not be a wholesome result.  

Furthermore, another critical technology for the Metaverse is blockchain, which will enable verified identification and the management of assets. He explains that blockchain technology will allow for: 

“Verified identification… how do I know you are you?… blockchain technology will allow you to control the information shared with whoever needs [it].” 

It would be of no surprise if the Metaverse were to become a hub for many people to work from; in implementing blockchain technology, cryptocurrency will be largely drawn upon for people working in the Metaverse:  

“There will be a currency that will allow everybody to buy anything anywhere and also pay for services.” 

The Glimpse Group is also working on creating virtual spaces like offices and bars – which could prove fundamental for the Metaverse’s success. Offering the benefits of remote work whilst still allowing people to work together in a virtual environment could prove highly beneficial towards both productivity and well-being:  

“You can put your headset on, you’ll be in a virtual room, you can walk around, you can talk to your peers… you’ll have that same culture as hanging out in the office.” 

Finally, Lyron believes that the Metaverse will offer virtual tours with AI or human guides. He explains that AI will run some worlds, but “some people would actually appreciate a person that can show them all the cool spots, take them around and be their guide.” This ties in well with the idea that a blockchain-enabled global currency exchange would make it easier for services like this to occur. 

In summary, Lyron believes that high-performance cloud computing, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and AI are critical technologies for the Metaverse.  

What can we expect from the Glimpse Group in the new few years?  

Lyron envisions the Glimpse Group as the leading software and services company in the Metaverse industry. As the largest independent software and services company, they plan to continue its growth by acquiring companies that align with its vision and culture. The companies they acquire become part of the Glimpse Group and each subsidiary maintains its unique culture while contributing to the whole: 

“What we’re trying to do is to become the premier software and services company in this industry. Joining Glimpse is not an exit from those companies. They’re basically converting ownership in their company to becoming part of Glimpse…And it’s basically being part of a team.” 

The Glimpse Group aims to set the trends in the Metaverse industry and become partners with viable organizations and companies – whilst continuing their growth both organically and inorganically. Ultimately, we can expect a grand future for the Glimpse Group; they have already achieved phenomenal results in the space and understand the importance of collaboration. Stay tuned for the Glimpse Group, they have much to come. 


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