DeepSquare Dev Environment now available to the AI, Rendering, and Gaming Developers Community

DeepSquare for Developers (1)

DeepSquare Dev Environment now available to the AI, Rendering, and Gaming Developers Community

Insider Brief

  • DeepSquare has launched its developer offering
  • The DeepSquare portal enables developers to build and run their own applications

Zug, Switzerland – DeepSquare, a pioneer in distributed high-performance computing (HPC), announced today that it is ready to welcome creators developing AI, Gaming, and Rendering solutions. Building the next generation of cloud computing, DeepSquare democratizes access to performance yet affordable High-Performance Computing by delivering a platform that seamlessly interconnects users with a grid of distributed supercomputing resources.

DeepSquare provides a portal with a web interface and libraries that allow users to run various compute-intensive applications on the DeepSquare distributed grid. The DeepSquare portal provides an intuitive interface enabling developers to easily build and run their own applications.

From April 4th, 2023, DeepSquare will grant free access to its distributed supercomputing resources to a selected number of developers. In order to apply, you can use the link here.

We’re extremely excited to launch our Dev offering,” said Florin Dzeladini, co-founder of DeepSquare. “Enabling innovators to easily and efficiently build and run their own applications and solutions that benefit from the underlying high performance compute resources is at the core of what DeepSquare does. Now you can develop, build, and scale applications without focusing on the complexity underneath. Everyone should have access to high-performance computing resources on their terms and we’re proud to be leading the way in making that possible.

About DeepSquare

DeepSquare has built a platform as a service (PaaS) to help to aggregate distributed High Performance Computing (HPC) resources into a meta-supercomputer. This platform is designed to simplify access to HPC resources, without having to waste time optimising and managing the underlying hardware. DeepSquare is designed with energy efficiency and minimal carbon footprint in mind. More information available at


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