V3CHTA: The Liechtenstein Startup Bringing the Metaverse to Life

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V3CHTA: The Liechtenstein Startup Bringing the Metaverse to Life

Liechtenstein-based startup V3CHTA is making waves in the Metaverse with its innovative approach to creating virtual buildings and commercializing spaces for creators. Founded by two young entrepreneurs, Christian Schlag, and Hana Gashi, V3CHTA aims to help individuals and companies alike establish their virtual presence and engage with their audiences in a brand-new way.

But what exactly is the Metaverse? It is a collective virtual shared space, where people can interact s and engage in a variety of activities, from socializing to working and beyond. Think of it as a fully immersive internet experience where people can create, own and trade digital assets, including virtual real estate, clothing, and accessories. According to experts, the Metaverse is set to become the next big thing, with a market potential of $1 trillion by 2030. V3CHTA is at the forefront of this movement with its innovative approach to creating virtual spaces.

V3CHTA is set to release their own marketplace that will allow creators to easily publish their work and businesses to adapt to the quickly growing industry to get ahead of their competition. This platform will provide a new avenue for creators to showcase their work, whether it be virtual rooms, buildings, or whole virtual environments and experiences. With the help of V3CHTA’s expertise, creators can easily commercialize their virtual spaces and monetize their creations, while businesses have a wide variety of rooms, styles, design approaches and price point to choose from. Whether you are a small artist at the beginning of your design career or a large business, looking for new technology and ways of advertising your products. On V3chta Marketplace you will be able to discover the perfect virtual space for your needs and enter those spaces directly via our trusted hosting partners. This makes sharing your piece of the Metaverse to friends, family and customers even easier and intuitive. 

On April 15th, 2023, V3CHTA is launching its newest project, the ArC exhibition, which will feature the work of five talented artists from around the world (Miran Rahim, Impossible Realities, Riccardo Agostinelli, Ondrej Koleno and the design Studio Kokrra). The exhibition will showcase a range of artwork, including NFTs and 3D art, and will give visitors a taste of what is possible in the Metaverse. And point out the possibilities for art galleries that could benefit by having virtual galleries. This event is sure to be a major draw for anyone interested in exploring the potential of this new digital space. 

Early access to V3CHTA marketplace aswell as the ArC Exhibition can be found on their website. https://v3chta.com

At the heart of V3CHTA are its founders, Christian Schlag and Hana Gashi, who are driven by a passion for changing the world through the Metaverse. They are committed to building a platform that enables creators to thrive and that empowers individuals and companies to connect with their audiences in new and exciting ways.

There are many exciting projects in the works, and as the Metaverse continues to evolve and grow, V3CHTA is well-positioned to help creators and businesses make the most of this new digital space. Whether you are a creator looking to showcase your work or a business looking to engage with your audience in a new way, V3CHTA has the expertise and tools to help you succeed.

To learn more about V3CHTA and their exciting projects, be sure to follow them on social media and stay tuned for updates on their upcoming releases. As the Metaverse continues to take shape, V3CHTA is sure to be a major player in this exciting new space.


Jack Boreham

Jack Boreham

Jack Boreham is the editorial director and account executive at the Metaverse Insider: the leading metaverse publication globally. Jack has been at the forefront of the platform's growth as a metaverse specialist -writing and advising projects in the Metaverse space for over two years. jack@metaverseinsider.tech

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