Twinit Launches at Digital Construction Week

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Insider Brief

  • Twinit will launch at Digital Construction Week (DCW)
  • The platform will be available to enterprises, amongst other users.

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Twinit will be unveiled during Digital Construction Week at the Excel London, 17th & 18th May, marking the platform’s general availability to enterprises, global systems integrators, and application developers.

It comes as Twinit has a commercial agreement with TONOMUS, the world-leading cognitive technology company.

The agreement will see TONOMUS use Twinit’s composable platform technology to contribute to and accelerate the development of its own products.

Twinit’s platform will help TONOMUS and its channel partners to consult, compose and implement sophisticated applications for different industries.

TONOMUS is progressively developing a comprehensive strategy to address the rapidly expanding market for digital twins. The agreement with Twinit will help us accelerate this strategy. TONOMUS will start with the built environment, bringing cognitive capabilities to buildings, infrastructure and cities. By building interoperability between our Digital Twin platform and our Metaverse platform, TONOMUS will enable our clients to re-use their digital assets and solve problems with solutions that are fit for purpose – Su Le, CDSO & CEO of Cognitive Solutions, TONOMUS.

Twinit is architected as a kit of parts that enables application developers to compose digital twin solutions for any use case across any domain. It enables application developers to focus on business problems and compose software rapidly, without concerning themselves with infrastructure. The Twinit Marketplace will also enable consultants to grab their share of the burgeoning digital twin economy, empowering them with Application Templates to deliver digital twin solutions and services. – Anand Mecheri, CEO, Twinit Limited.

About Twinit Limited

Twinit Limited, based in Dublin, Ireland, is the developer of Twinit, a composable platform for digital twins. Twinit’s mission is to build an industry leading platform, and an ecosystem of partners to power the Digital Twin economy, enhancing human experiences in an increasingly sustainable world. Invicara, a pioneer in the digital twin arena, are the founders of Twinit, leading its development and market validation over the last six years.


Dr Claire Penny
Director of Global Partnerships

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