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The main purpose of this website is to guide a new learner through the main topics in a sensible order, and to provide a reference for all the relevant background & prerequisite material needed to understand modern quantum computing literature. The idea is that a student can use this website to decide “what to learn next”, and refer back to this website if they come across something they are unfamiliar with.

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Quantum.Tech is the first conference & exhibition covering the emerging commercial applications of Quantum technologies. Tackling the spectrum of Quantum technology, from Quantum computing to sensing & metrology and secure communications & cryptography, this global forum will help Fortune 1000 enterprises understand and navigate the Quantum landscape, assess risks and opportunities, and help senior executives build a roadmap for Quantum readiness.

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Quantum Computing UK is a non profit organisation whose main aim is to educate people about quantum computers with a main focus on software development as well as research. They offer coding tutorials ranging from beginner level code with quantum logic gates to higher level tutorials on Grover’s algorithm and machine learning

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Q is quantum computing in your browser. Create, edit, and inspect quantum circuit simulations with Q’s tap-and-drag interface or code along with Q right in your browser’s JavaScript console. Q is free, open-source, and its repository contains its own documentation as well as primers on basic quantum computing concepts.

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Quantum Computing Now is a podcast hosted by Ethan Hansen about recent quantum computing news, interviews with professionals, and the basics of how quantum computing works. In it he attempts to give a view of quantum computing that is not too over-hyped, but also not too under-hyped. 

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MeQuanics is a weekly podcast that invites active researchers in quantum physics and quantum technology to discuss actual physical hardware, the global effort to construct a new technological industry and how research technology can move from the academic space into the private sector.  Guests include many of the world leading scientists developing quantum computing and communications technologies, founders and CEO’s of some of the leading quantum startups and representatives from both major corporations developing quantum hardware and software and companies that may be the first beneficiaries of quantum computing systems.   

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