Fostering Collaboration in Web3 With Metaverse Collective Co-Founder Daniel Robbins

macbook pro displaying group of people
macbook pro displaying group of people

Fostering Collaboration in Web3 With Metaverse Collective Co-Founder Daniel Robbins

Daniel Robbins is the co-founder of the Metaverse Collective, a community that fosters collaborative opportunities in the Metaverse space. On a mission to empower one hundred million entrepreneurs, Daniel has amassed a huge following on social media platforms such as Linkedin and has his own TV show on Fox 5. We sat down with Daniel to talk about the metaverse and how he is making a mark in the industry.

Hi Daniel, can you tell our community about yourself and your background?

I dropped out of college at age 20 to open a wireless store in another state with only $300 in my bank account purchasing a one way ticket. Well that business went on for a year before shutting it down. I then decided I wanted to be an executive at a corporation and started to move up. While working there for many years I learned how to market and gain media for businesses that my wife was starting. Eventually I could not stand working for someone else and went all in on our business and living out my life mission, to impact 100 million entrepreneurs.

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So what is the Metaverse Collective?

A community who fosters collaboration, learning, and partnerships relating to Metaverse, Web 3, bringing like minded entrepreneurs together to win.

What other projects are you involved in, centring around the metaverse?

We are advising a few companies and looking at new ones we want to take part in. Also our media company now has a tv show on Fox 5 and we are helping to highlight those who are making disruptive companies in this industry.

What were your inspirations for developing your platform?

It all goes back to the impact of 100 million people and more specifically entrepreneurs. I see this as the internet in the 90s and so many people from all backgrounds have the opportunity to make history.

What excites you personally about the metaverse?

I am excited to be at the forefront of technology and see what transpires. The next few years might be the greatest advancements in technology in our recent history. I am so excited for how fast paced it is and what is to come, unlimited potential.

Why did you get into the metaverse?

Last year we interviewed a guest who was speaking about building in a virtual world and I became so fascinated with what was possible. After doing more interviews I got to learn about how the web3, metaverse, blockchain, crypto and NFTs are all merging together in different ways. When I was 12 I started programming games and went to college for computer science so some of these things I have been studying since then.

How long do you think it will take before the metaverse becomes mainstream?

I think this last year the media has put a tremendous amount of emphasis making it gain exposure however many people do not fully understand it and the media highlights either someone making a bunch of money or a celebrity getting in. I think the gaming industry is most embracing and we will see the fastest advancements starting there.

What metaverse platforms/companies have you got your eye on, and why?

I have been watching Superworld where I purchased land. Also companies working on Polkadot like Bit.Country and others that could be game changers with interoperability among virtual worlds. The other would be Polygon and the companies associated with that.

Is there anything else you want our readers to know? How can people get involved with the Metaverse collective?

They can go to or reach out to me and attend our weekly interview series.

Jack Boreham

Jack Boreham

Jack Boreham is the editorial director and account executive at the Metaverse Insider: the leading metaverse publication globally. Jack has been at the forefront of the platform's growth as a metaverse specialist -writing and advising projects in the Metaverse space for over two years.

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