Quantifying the Metaverse with Sgnal Co-Founder Ivan Tan

Ivan Tan is the co-founder of Sgnal, a startup in the blockchain space, looking to bridge the gap between on-chain data and off-chain data. Ivan was featured on Citywire’s Top 30 Under 30 list.

In this interview, at the Non-Fungible Conference, we dive into what Sgnal is and how it seeks to quantify digital communities using AI technology. 

“Essentially what we’re doing is looking at bridging on-chain data with off-chain data. Digital communities are powered by what is communicated through Twitter and discord primarily, but how do you actually quantify this data? So what we’re looking to do is distill that information into a straightforward, easy to digest format, utilizing AI”  explained Ivan.

Reiterating further, Ivan outlined why his startup differs from other similar projects on the market:

“So our project is effectively a bit of infrastructure over the NFT space. We’re layering it over to help. How can we help an NFT project optimize its community from a business perspective? So whether it be how they grow their Twitter following and make the right moves, versus actually attracting a bunch of bots, which might be negative. So we are trying to create a real lasting community that also makes great decisions down the road.”

Continuing Ivan explained the issue with bots and fake users in the NFT community and the problems associated with whitelisting users, which can help spur bot uptakes, and how Sgnal is rethinking marketing strategies alongside projects in the space. 

“Currently Sgnal is working with several different NFT projects in the space: We are currently working with four projects at the moment. Two play to earn games, one digital, one physical art project, and an NFT marketing project”.

Despite, being earlier days for Sgnal, Ivan is incredibly optimistic about the future of his start-up. 

“We are very excited. It’s still early days of mystery, and we’re utilizing this as an opportunity for training, trading days as they say. But as you know, building a business learning process.”

You can check out Sgnal here: Sgnal – Social Insights for NFT’s.

Jack Boreham

Jack Boreham

Jack Boreham is the editorial director and account executive at the Metaverse Insider: the leading metaverse publication globally. Jack has been at the forefront of the platform's growth as a metaverse specialist -writing and advising projects in the Metaverse space for over two years. jack@metaverseinsider.tech

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