MetaKrypton is one of the Metaverse Projects Shaping the Web3 Universe

Milky Way Galaxy wallpaper
Milky Way Galaxy wallpaper

MetaKrypton is one of the Metaverse Projects Shaping the Web3 Universe

MetaKrypton is an interstellar space exploration project built on the BSC smart chain. The project is a one-of-a-kind metaverse game that gives players the ability to explore beyond the solar system and customize their own NFT ship. We had the pleasure of chatting with the MetaKrypton team about their metaverse game and what the future holds for MetaKrypton projects. We dive into the nitty-gritty of gameplay and the metaverse projects play to earn features.

What is MetaKrypton?

MetaKrypton, the second game of Metaverse Games $META eco, is a large-scale interstellar exploration game developed on Binance Smart Chain, following the story background of Metaverse Miner(1st game). In the game, players can build their own Starship, get various exquisite upgrading Starship NFT, and energy KR, HY, and Ti by powers depleting and exploring to unknown interstellar fields as the Captain in Krypton energy planet in interstellar.

How will your game work? What made you develop an interstellar exploration game? What were your inspirations behind the project?

“MetaKrypton is a 3D Play to Earn game based on BSC to create a charming NFT collection and Metaverse ecosystem. It completes with Multiple Earning Ways in the game-battle, adventure, NFT market, etc., and a 3D Version of interstellar, Real three-dimensional sensory, high-quality game graphics, players have a more real and fun experience. Moreover, with innovative gameplay in the coming days, Battle, evolution, breeding and season challenges, and diverse gameplays, it will be more attractive in the gamefi market.”

“Indeed, we do have a future conception behind the game; we start to develop based on the interstellar background and plan to explore AR+LBS in the future and expand real-time applications; land NFT social attributes, players can build as they please, multi-element integration. We’ve been inspired by the farmer world and are more excited to create the upgrading gameplay to truly achieve the play2earn concept and fun to experience on the Metaverse ecosystem. Based on GameFi, MetaKrypton integrates NFT and Metaverse together. NFT elements run through the whole game with technology blessing, empowering MetaKrypton. Huge potential.”

Your game is on the META marketplace. What is META, and how do you work with them to market your game?

“$META token is the native token of Metaverse Games ecosystem and developed on BSC with a total supply of 21 million. It will be mainly used in the game ecosystem, and it plays a key role in transaction flow and game distribution. In this second game, it will be used for NFT pre-sale and NFT transactions and will be used as a base currency in the trading, official will open trading pairs(KR/META, TI/META, HY/META) on PancakeSwap when the game launched, and META will also be used in some in-game applications and props in the future. “

Your NFTs look great. How can fans get their hands on them?

“There is no limit to the amount of investment you spend on Krypton. Starting with a small of money, users can choose different types of starship to participate in the game, and it is possible to choose only one type of starship to participate in the game. Early participants of Krypton can participate in INO(already ended) to get one NFT and have a chance to get a higher level starship NFT at a lower cost. Now there are 2 ways for players to get those NFTs. First, they can build their first Lv.1 CT starship NFT with 200 KR & 1200 TI(KR=$0.035, TI=$0.035). Second, buy the starship in the NFT marketplace and start the journey.”

How to play the game? Join now!

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What is a MetaKrypton Box? What is in it?

“MetaKrypton Box is MetaKrypton’s Starship NFT blind box, a blind box where the team conducts NFT pre-sale, and participants can open three types of starship NFTs of levels 1-3 CE CT CC inside the box. Of course, the pre-sale Box has ended, and players who want to get NFTs can buy KR and TI in the game to build NFT or directly buy them in the NFT marketplace.”

Is the Metaverse the future of games? If so, why? How will MetaKrypton fit into this?

“This wave of gamefi boom, we have seen many high-quality metaverse projects stand out, it is not difficult to find that the long-term programming and product power of the project determines the ceiling of the coin price, including the well-known AXIES also experienced a long hibernation period, and eventually the value was discovered by people, so here we still advocate that we can make rational value investment, and be able to seize the windfall. And the contradiction between limited development time and a very large number of excellent ideas will be the biggest difficulty and challenge for the future Metaverse game.

We hope to bring more fun and safe product features to the market, but the craze of gamefi is on fire, including after Facebook changed its name to meta; the speed and pace of the whole track are more urgent, and many great ideas if they need a relatively long implementation time, we may put him on the back burner. For this reason, we will expand our team size and collaborate or partner with more types of project to promote Metaverse Gamefi Blockchain.”

What should fans be excited about in the future for Metakrypton?

“In order to make the MetaKrypton more fair and the economic system sustainable, the game logic design and economic model for a long time collision, with the community members representatives also conducted a deep demand communication. Process of game development and design for the purpose and visual effects also lasted for a really extended period of time. Guys, please look forward to our visual effects of the game. Going forward, we will add more game interaction and details, add full 3D and VR exploration versions.”

December 2021

  1. Release the game economic model and in-game scenes.
  2. Deploy the game NFT contract and start R&D.
  3. Release Dev Log on Official Medium.
  4. Initiate MetaKrypton INO pre-sale on Metaverse Game platform (initial NFT product).

January 2022

  1. Promotion by major media.
  2. Community AMA interaction, meet with game developers.
  3. Censored internal test version starts, and invite selected users to experience the game first.
  4. The game officially starts the uncensored public test.
  5. Game iteration and upgrade.

February to March 2022

  1. Complete the code audit.
  2. Join BSC MVB program.
  3. Independent APP development.
  4. Game 2.0 version development and testing.

April-June 2022

  1. Game online version 2.0.
  2. Cross-chain deployment on ETH/SOL/AVAX and other ecologies.
  3. Start the development of full 3D VR exploration version.

What does the next year look like for your game?

“In 2022, we will improve META’s game ecology and release collaboration with more Metaverse projects so that the metaverse worldview of META will be more complete. Most of the games today have been tested by the market, and basically the game collapsed or died due to wrong economic models or bug mistakes. MetaKrypton has borrowed solutions and retention experience from some of the great metaverse projects in this area, and at the same time we have deeply studied the playability and economy of the games in the market, we have redesigned and built to increase and enhance the competitiveness of the game in MetaKrypton.

Its economic balance is designed to allow the game to be continuously derived from different gameplay and to be able to form a closed loop of consumption. We’ll mainly focus on in-game bugs to improve game experience based on the safety & earning model and to achieve play-to-earn ideas in MetaKrypton.”

Jack Boreham

Jack Boreham

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