5 Blockchain Companies Helping The Metaverse Grow: Part 13

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

5 Blockchain Companies Helping The Metaverse Grow: Part 13

Part thirteen up this time on Blockchain initiatives/companies powered by the Metaverse Insider. In case you missed out on the first part, here is the link to it.

1. Bull Blockchain Law

With headquarters in Philadelphia, Bull Blockchain Law is a boutique law firm, and the City of Brotherly Love’s first firm to focus on providing legal services related to blockchain technology, digital assets, virtual currency activities, and other emerging technologies.

Founded in 2018 by Andrew Bull, the attorneys at Bull Blockchain Law apply a deep and unique understanding of blockchain to save time and expense for each client.

Bull Blockchain Law also services businesses and startups working in other industries, providing services related to corporate formation and governance, equity compensation, intellectual property protection, contract negotiation and litigation, capital raising, internet policies, and much more.

2. Blockchain Educators

Blockchain Educators is fully dedicated to educating and certifying businesses, entrepreneurs or blockchain enthusiasts on cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Based in NYC and with the goal to educate and certify the blockchain industry, Blockchain Educators was founded in 2017 and provides three online certification levels for users, professionals and masters (technologists).

3. Diversity in Blockchain

Diversity in Blockchain (DiB) is a non-profit organization committed to driving inclusion, education and leadership for diverse people in blockchain and emerging technologies.

DiB is pioneering the 1st Blockchain Diversity Awards for individuals and entities who are committed to and instrumental in creating opportunities for diverse inclusion.

Based in NYC, the initiative was set up in 2018 and is led by founders and board members Anna Ashurov, Michelle Gitlitz, Shawnna Hoffmann, Susan Joseph, Joshua Ashley Klayman, and Jennifer Zegel.

4. Stanford Blockchain Club

The Stanford Blockchain Club is Stanford University’s student group for everything blockchain, cryptoeconomics, and cryptocurrency.

Founded in 2014, it hosts panels and fireside chats with leaders in the crypto and blockchain space, develops online educational resources for individuals who are interested in learning more about crypto and blockchain, cultivates its own thought leadership and works alongside the Center for Blockchain Research, while — at the same time — works as an accelerator, helping Stanford crypto startups build from zero to one.

5. Blockchain Foundry

Blockchain Foundry at the intersection of design, strategy and blockchain technology. Its products, services and deep-rooted protocol development experience — backed up by its team that has over 65 years of combined blockchain building experience, and well over 25 years of developing large commercial apps and websites — make it unique.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Blockchain Foundry was founded in 2014 and is led by the companies executives Dan Wasyluk and Chris Marsh.

As far as financials go, Blockchain Foundry has raised some $8 million in funding over three rounds.

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