The Future Of The Construction Industry, Is It In The Metaverse?

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The Future Of The Construction Industry, Is It In The Metaverse?

What does the Metaverse have to do with the construction industry?

A course to learn how to seize the real estate opportunities of the digital worlds. The Metaverse is experiencing worldwide hype. However, it is still unclear to many what exactly it is and what business opportunities are associated with it. Even fewer know that one of the biggest businesses in the Metaverse is related to real estate, understood in its entire supply chain. McKinsey reports that more than $120 billion will flow into the metaverse space as early as 2022, more than double the $57 billion in 2021.

To help players in the AEC industry transfer their know-how into the Metaverse and turn it into a new business, the School of Disruption of the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation, in collaboration with Pini Group, Europe’s leading engineering and consulting services company, has launched the Metaverse Real Estate online course.

The course is the first and currently the only one in the world on this topic. The lecturers are international experts, such as Jason Haber and Danielle Garofalo of the Metaverse Institute in New York, Francesco Vincenti of Somnium Space, and Roberto
Garavaglia of the Politecnico di Milano. The lessons of the course take us from explaining what Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality and Web 3.0 are to how to choose and buy a parcel and how to design and build digital buildings. An exciting chapter of the course is dedicated to blockchain and smart contracts regulating Metaverse’s real estate market.

The course is available on demand on the School of Disruption platform. In addition to teaching companies and professionals how to build and trade real estate within the Metaverse, it also features a unique guest speaker: Meta Karen, a digital human with artificial intelligence, a preview of what could be our next colleagues.

School of Disruption

The School of Disruption translates complex know-how into easy-to-understand content always available on any device. This enables anyone to acquire the skills needed to seize emerging opportunities in the near future. Courses range from Space Architecture & Design to Quantum Computing, from Computational Design to Psychology of Innovation. Our lecturers are international experts and, together with the network of students and professionals, represent the School’s strength. In fact, the private LinkedIn group aims to create a community of people who are always informed about megatrends and innovations that will disrupt the markets of the future. At the end of the course, is issued a certificate of participation that can be shared in LinkedIn experiences and CV.

Pini Group

Pini Group, a company founded in Switzerland and with more than 70 years of experience in the local and international market, as of today has offices in Italy, Algeria, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Bolivia, France, Portugal, Norway, Israel, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Greece, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Peru, Turkey and the United States, counting about 800 employees engaged in design, construction management and consulting services in the following areas of expertise: Infrastructure & Transportation, Urban & Cities, Energy & Environment, Digital & Innovation.

Focus on local know-how and global best practices, enables its multidisciplinary teams to develop smart, cost-effective and sustainable solutions in the various fields of modern engineering, in order to offer high quality services to our generations and future generations.

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Jack Boreham

Jack Boreham

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