Metaverse Time For Walmart After The Launch of Two New Experiences in Roblox


Metaverse Time For Walmart After The Launch of Two New Experiences in Roblox

Two Experiences

Just like other multinational corporations that the Metaverse Insider has covered in recent times, we can reveal the retail giant Walmart is now part of the Metaverse. Launching two experiences in gaming platform Roblox, one called Walmart Land and the other Walmart’s Universe of Play, respectively, this announcement comes after the Bentonville, Arkansas-based retailer filed for trademarks earlier in the year, which may have been an indicator of its intention to sell in the Metaverse.

As far as we know, Walmart Land will include a virtual merchandise store. Universe of Play, on the other hand, will have various toy worlds and games as part of its experience.

Founded by Sam Walton in Rogers, Arkansas in 1962, Walmart is the world’s largest company by revenue, with approximately $570 billion in annual revenue, according to the Fortune Global 500 list in May 2022.

Driving Relevance

“Roblox is one of the fastest growing and largest platforms in the metaverse, and we know our customers are spending loads of time there,” William White, Walmart US’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), in a statement. “So, we’re focusing on creating new and innovative experiences that excite them, something we’re already doing in the communities where they live, and now, the virtual worlds where they play,” he added.

Obviously trying to do what the likes of Disney, the NFL and Starbucks have done in recent months, Walmart’s CMO had this to say:

“How are we driving relevance in cultural conversation? How are we developing community and engagement? How are we moving the needle from a brand favourability [standpoint] with younger audiences? That’s what we’re trying to accomplish here.”

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