Atmoky: The Future of Spatial 3D Sound

True immersion with 3D spatial audio 

True immersion is one of the primary goals for many brands wanting to enter the metaverse space. There has been a great emphasis on achieving immersion through a variety of VR, AR, and XR-orientated technology – however, the sense of sound is perhaps one of the most immersive elements any product could offer. Most products and experiences utilize sound to some degree, yet Atmoky has taken this to a whole new level.  

What is Atmoky? 

Atmoky is a product-driven spatial audio software company with a strong emphasis on applied research and innovative techniques. They have taken crucial elements of what we perceive sound to be in a real-life setting and applied this to the virtual world. Through Atmoky’s technology, anyone can integrate their true spatial audio SDKs to deliver engaging conversations and immersive audio experiences in both the metaverse and native mobile and desktop applications.  

Two formats  

Web SDK: The Audio Engine for the Metaverse 

Native SDK: For Mobile and Desktop Applications 

Why Atmoky?  

This hyper-realistic spatial audio software is second to none; applicable to both native and Web3 systems, the potential use cases are certainly abundant. With 3D audio being the future of virtual sound as we know it, Atmoky has really turned it up a notch. But do not take my word for it – soundcheck the demo for yourself.  

By utilizing this technology, brands will be able to increase audience engagement, ease of delivering information, and promote product value. It offers the finest trade-off between the highest perceptual quality vs computational effort – presenting Atmoky as the go-to solution for applications and games that want to offer the best spatial audio quality available. 

In providing a variable degree of externalization dependent on the scene and attributes of the sound sources, the movements of a player are acoustically realistic – amplifying the overall impression of auditory envelopment and immersion. 

The future of audio is in 3D, and Atmoky found the key. 


Who is Atmoky for?  

  1. Developers of any medium who want to create immersive audio experiences for their users.
  2. People who want to experience true-to-life audio in different situations, such as video conferencing, mobile editing, and effects.
  3. Businesses that want to provide an engaging audio experience for their customers or employees.

There is clearly an abundance of potential businesses, brands, and fans who would ultimately benefit from this software. Whether you are in the finance, social or entertainment sector – this 3D immersive audio will be the way forwards for true virtual immersion.  

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