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PlayStation VR2 is Coming: What Can We Expect?

man wearing Sony PlayStation VR

The long-awaited PlayStation VR2 is set to be released on February 22nd, 2023, seven years after the first generation PSVR. Sony has released several snippets about features, specifications, and what to expect, leaving fans extremely excited ahead of its release date. The PlayStation VR 2 can potentially be one of the best virtual reality headsets in the market today. 

The newer version offers exciting features such as a higher field of vision, better ergonomic designs, single-wire connectivity, and more. This article uncovers everything about the PlayStation VR2, starting from its price, release date, features, and more. So, without further delay, let’s get started.

Key Points

  • This article provides a complete guide on the PlayStation VR2 and what we can expect from the new second-generation PlayStation VR2 headset.
  • The new PlayStation VR2 will cost around $549.99 for the main sense controllers, VR headset, and stereo headset. This is a significant price hike from the $299.99 for the PSVR.
  • The release date for the PlayStation VR2 is February 22nd, 2023.
  • The PlayStation VR2 has many improved advanced features and designs, including 4k resolution, 110-degree FOV, headsets and controllers, IR cameras for eye tracking, and more. 
  • Some of the best VR games include Superhot VR, Rez: Infinite, Resident Evil 4: Unchained, etc.
  • The future for PS VR2 is quite promising, and it is expected to be a game changer.

What is PS VR2?

The PlayStation VR 2 headgear is Sony’s second foray into the virtual reality space. Several improvements within the new release include fixing the faulty LED camera,  improved resolution, new eye-tracking technology, a broader field of vision, and a new controller and headgear tracking system.

The PSVR was a massive success for Sony, with over 5.5 million headsets sold since its launch. However, with the current hype around the Metaverse and virtual experiences, the new upcoming headset would be an excellent addition to the VR gaming landscape.

One of the most significant selling points of the PlayStation VR series is access to its extensive library of VR games. Over the past five years, PlayStation VR has successfully maintained its fan base and has continued to be a very specialized peripheral throughout its existence.


PlayStation VR2 Release Date

We first received confirmation about the PlayStation VR2 launch date in November last year when it was announced that the new PSVR 2 would officially be available on February 22nd, 2023. The charging station for the PSVR 2 controllers will also launch on the same day.

VR2 Pricing and Preorders

The PSVR 2 will be priced at $549.99/£529.99 for the bundle that contains stereo headphones, VR2 Sense Controllers, and the primary headgear. For an added $50, players can obtain an added game, such as the PS VR 2 game Horizon: Call of the Mountains.

The preorder window has now closed, and individuals can only express interest during a specific preorder window. The preorder phase started on November 15th, 2022, and invites were sent via email.

Where will PS VR2 be available first?

For Pre-orders, players in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands could only order the PlayStation VR2 through the official PlayStation Direct shop during the game’s first launch period. After February 22nd, 2023, PlayStation VR2 will be made available worldwide.

PlayStation VR2 Features and Design

The PSVR 2 is fully loaded with incredible features that are massive improvements from the earlier version. Here are some of the things that gamers should be looking forward to in the new PSVR 2:

PlayStation VR2 Processor

MediaTek announced during their 2022 summit that they developed two unique System-on-Chip (SoC) designs for the upcoming PlayStation VR2. They use one SoC within the controllers, providing improved processing for movement tracking, haptic feedback, and VR-focused features. And they use another SoC within the headset, enabling the headset to effortlessly compute 4K quality virtual experiences.

Many users wondered why Sony chose MediaTek over Qualcomm; since Qualcomm is currently expected to power Meta’s upcoming Meta Quest 3. According to statements from gaming executives, Sony feels that the MediaTek chips are more efficient in terms of low energy consumption, low latency, and better performance. 

If you compare Sony’s former generation equipment to the incredible PlayStation VR2 headgear and controllers, it is evident how much more technologically sophisticated they are. Thus, a considerable amount of independent processing power would be required for the equipment to work optimally. Even though these new chips may have caused the PSVR2 to increase its retail price, it is definitely worth the added cost, as these improvements will lead to better VR experiences.

PlayStation VR2 Display, Screen, and Sensors

The PlayStation VR2 uses OLED with a panel resolution of 2000 x 2040 per eye (offering a 4k combined resolution) and a refresh rate of 90Hz and 120Hz. The headset and controllers come equipped with several sensors, including proximity sensors, gyroscopes, and accelerometers, which are standard for VR headsets. However, it also features a six-axis motion sensing system that will allow for better motion tracking and seamless VR gameplay.

PlayStation VR2 Graphics

Innovative technologies such as eye tracking technology, frame interpolation computing, and foveated rendering are featured in the PSVR2. These features, coupled with a stunning 4k resolution display, completely transform user experiences while looking at rendered items in their field of vision. The system focuses on the main subject while blurring the surroundings to enhance efficiency and reduce rendering demands.

Since the PSVR 2 is still a tethered headset, it requires an external connection to the PS5 to work correctly. However, instead of a huge mess of wires that need to be connected to the PlayStation to work, the PSVR 2 only requires a single connection. 

PlayStation VR2 Gloves

We hope to see a feature with a VR glove equipped with Haptic technology added in future editions, although there has been no word about its release yet. These assumptions stem from the knowledge that Sony filed a patent for such a device. Haptic feedback is one of the most likely technologies to be used for immersive gameplay, indicating that Sony is working to improve their virtual reality headgear for the coming generation.

PlayStation VR2 Audio, Feedback, and Cameras

This headgear comes with haptic headgear feedback, a USB Type-C communication type with the PlayStation 5, a built-in microphone for audio input, and a stereo headphone jack for audio output. It also features four cameras for the headgear and controller tracking with IR cameras for eye tracking in each eye of the headgear.

PlayStation VR2 Controller

We’re also hoping to see a massive improvement in the functionality and design of the PlayStation VR2 controllers. The traditional PlayStation Move controller design needed a revamp, which is precisely what we’re getting in the new controller.

These controllers offer a more conventional method used in virtual reality controllers, such as the Touch controllers for the Oculus Quest 2. The baton-like grips on the PlayStation VR2 controllers will have a plastic sphere around them. The controller also includes the Dual-Sense Wireless Controller’s adaptive trigger characteristics. As a result, different tension levels can be applied to each game activity.

Thanks to these features, games can sense your finger movements, and players can experience haptic feedback without pushing a button. Hideaki Nishino, leader of platform strategy and management at PlayStation, stated in a statement on the PlayStation Blog that these capabilities will allow users to “create more natural motions with your hands during gaming.”

What Are the Games You Need to Play in VR?

There are several VR games within the PlayStation library that you can enjoy using the PSVR 2 headset. Some of the top games you should play in 2023 include:

Tetris Effect: Connected

Enjoying vibrant colors and musical beats while playing Tetris from an entirely new perspective will be extremely fun in PSVR2. Although you can play the game without VR, it is not engaging at all, compared to playing with a VR headset on.  

As the levels progress, you will experience increasing difficulty. The virtual reality element does a wonderful job of giving each level depth and dimension and surrounding your peripheral vision with the sights and noises that distinguish Tetris Effect VR from its more conventional predecessor.

Superhot VR

Released in June 2017, Superhot VR places you in situations where you are continually outnumbered and outgunned and where a stray gunshot can kill you. Superhot VR is perfect for you if you’re looking to dodge bullets in this thrilling VR gameplay. The game also involves plenty of strategic thinking. Time only moves when you do, allowing you to analyze your next steps carefully. Your hands are guns within the game, and all you have to do is point and shoot. With haptic feedback in the PSVR2, you’ll be able to feel every shot you take. 

You will have to make strategic decisions, such as dropping guns if you do not have more bullets or grabbing bullets in the air to throw them toward enemies. All in all, you’re definitely in for a fun experience with this game. 

Astro Bot – Rescue Mission

Released specifically for VR in 2018, many gamers can experience this game using the PSVR headset. The storyline revolves around a tiny robot’s mission to rescue other robots through different levels to bring them back to their spaceship. 

Navigating through the game’s obstacles is a lot of fun as it tests the player’s decision-making capabilities. You must uncover hidden passageways and lead your fellow robots across the finish line.

Resident Evil 7 VR

Resident Evil 7 VR was released in January 2017. This game is definitely the best option for you if you’re a fan of horror survival games. Playing the Resident Evil series is scary enough regularly, but the VR experience takes it to a new level. 

Now, it is essential to keep in mind that there are several jump scares within the game. The graphics of this game, coupled with PSVR2’s 4k resolution, will offer an incredible experience.

Rez: Infinite

Rez: Infinite is a hallucinogenic virtual reality experience nominated for a BAFTA in 2017. It is hailed by some as a VR masterpiece. The game is a railway shooter, but the unusual graphics, audio, and music make it a thrilling adventure. 

Players can control Rez: Infinite primarily through controller inputs and head tracking, enabling you to target by simply looking in the desired direction and pressing a button. The experience becomes incredibly smooth, particularly when paired with outstanding techno music. As you eliminate adversaries, a barrage of cycles and beats are unleashed, driving both the action and the music, further immersing you in the gameplay.

Will PlayStation VR2 Be a Game Changer such as the PS5?

The PlayStation 5 was a massive game changer in gaming consoles, with tons of upgrades from the PlayStation 4. Similarly, the PlayStation VR2 also offers different exciting features that are significant improvements over its predecessor.

There are new additional functionalities like a lens adjustment slider and more. The PlayStation VR2 headgear takes comfort a step further. By allowing customers to match the lens distance between their eyes to improve their perspective. Even with the additional functions introduced, such as the new built-in motor for the headgear feedback, they also produced a sleeker design with a little weight decrease.

The ergonomic design, processing capabilities, better resolution, larger FOC, and more will make the PlayStation VR experience much more enjoyable than its predecessor. However, if you look at the overall VR headset market, it is essential to point out one major drawback with this upcoming headset, i.e., the tethered connectivity.

As players seek more immersive experiences, connecting to a console through a wire can be a significant drawback to the entire experience. In contrast, the Meta Quest 2 offers wireless connectivity and can be used with Steam, offering access to an extensive library of games.


  • When is the PlayStation VR2 going to be released?

The PSVR2 will be released worldwide on February 22nd, 2023. There were reports of the PSVR2 shipments being halved in quantity due to a disappointing response during the preorder phase.

  • Does PlayStation VR2 have eye-tracking functionality?

Futuristic eye-tracking functionality that can detect where the user looks is expected to be included in PlayStation VR2. The headset boasts foveated rendering, which enhances processing by loading the main subject the player looks at in high quality and slightly blurring the rest of the surroundings.

  • What will the PlayStation VR2 cost?

The new PlayStation VR2 will cost around $549.99/£529.99 for the main sense controllers, VR headset, and stereo headset. You must purchase the charging dock for the controllers separately for $549.99/£529.99.


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The Future of Materials Discovery: Reducing R&D Costs significantly with GenMat’s AI and Machine Learning Tools

When: July 13, 2023 at 11:30am

What: GenMat Webinar

Jake Vikoren

Jake Vikoren

Company Speaker

Deep Prasad

Deep Prasad

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Araceli Venegas

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