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Metaverse Tourism Association teams up with Dtravel to evolve the Hybrid Future of Tourism

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MTA and Dtravel take the first steps towards a broader vision, acknowledging the economic value of the metaverse and immersive technologies to the wider tourism and travel sector. 

London, United Kingdom, January 02, 2024 – MTA, a new association focused on delivering quality education, training, networking and research opportunities for tourism leaders, announced a partnership with Dtravel, a leader in decentralised travel today. Dtravel is recognised as a leading provider of travel opportunities in the world of Web3. 

MTA is fostering a community of leaders from the world of travel to drive awareness of new revenue streams, business models and virtual experiences that can expand the sector as we see it today. 

Dtravel is a decentralized travel network, accelerating the global adoption of direct bookings and empowering ownership in travel through on-chain products that solve for trust, reputation, distribution and connectivity.

Cynthia Huang, CEO of Dtravel believes “education, mentorship and awareness is critical for the web3 industry to succeed and specifically for driving adoption in the travel industry. One of the challenges has been demystifying and making web3 concepts, technology and most importantly the benefits, simple for people to understand with easy actionable steps on how they can implement it in their business. With our experience at Dtravel, we want to help onboard any travel business into web3 and make it easy and rewarding for them to do so.

Through the partnership with Dtravel, members of the MTA can gain access to wonderful mentorship, learn about the success of the Dtravel business model as we move towards the future of travel and understand how they can implement decentralized technologies in their own business. Travel partners can also work with Dtravel and use their technology or get access to their web3 supply or distribution channels without learning any new technology or any complex onboarding.

Lisa Gibbons, President and Founder of the Metaverse Tourism Association shared her excitement about the partnership with Dtravel: “The MTA has been developed to provide a link between the tourism sector and the vast opportunities to expand business models using advanced technologies. Our goal is to ignite, inform and inspire the hybrid future of travel. In this mission it is vital to have expert partners like Dtravel to guide the way towards an inclusive travel environment.”

For any tourism organisation to thrive, the customer must feel their values are aligned with the industry. To date, the tourism industry has been slow to adapt for a greener future and also unable to cater for an online virtual tourism audience who may be interested in their services. 

Every tour operator and travel agent today has a place in the metaverse where there are no guides, no location experts and no itinerary planners. Through the partnership with Dtravel, the MTA plans to showcase these wide ranging opportunities for the industry at large. 

About MTA

The Metaverse Tourism Association is an organization committed to the hybrid future of tourism. Through our members, initiatives and strategic events we wish to explore the potential of advanced technologies for the sector and drive adoption by fostering new ways for tourism services to build communities within virtual environments.

About Dtravel

Dtravel is a community-owned ecosystem on a mission to create a rewarding travel experience for everyone through direct connections and on-chain products that empower ownership. The Dtravel ecosystem includes Dtravel Direct, Dtravel Meridian, and the Dtravel Protocol, all of which work together to solve problems in travel related to trust, reputation, distribution, connectivity and direct bookings.

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