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Yamaha’s Latest Patent Signals Shift Towards Augmented Reality Helmets for Motorcyclists

black and orange helmet on black motorcycle

A new patent from Motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha showcases the company’s interest in incorporating augmented reality into its helmets.

Incorporating a HUD design, the patent depicts four small cameras and an infrared light that enables information to be overlayed in a user’s line of sight rather than having a fully immersive headset cover a user’s eyes.

Credit: Cycle World

Similarly, the patents outline several designs and applications for baseball players and pilots but primarily emphasize their use for motorcycles.

While the development of an AR-based headset for motorcycles has yet to be released for consumers, Yamaha’s recent patent suggests that a form of AR headset may soon be available. This technology could revolutionize the riding experience by providing real-time information and enhancing safety on the road.

Credit: Cycle World

Likewise, the recent popularity of mixed reality headsets, such as the Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3, has captured consumers’ interest and created a new hype around immersive technologies. Thus, this suggests no better time to introduce an AR wearable for the road.

Despite this, the jury is still determining whether this will happen, with multiple prototypes showcased in the past that have yet to enter the market from companies like BMW.

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