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Metaverse Insider develops and markets full-suite enterprise virtual experiences.

What we offer
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Immersive events and experiences

We deliver world class immersive experiences to our clients via static and live event capability, we conceptualise brand identity in the metaverse

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Collaboration spaces for corporates

Our spaces offer untapped collaborative potential for corporations.

Unrivialled in both execution and design, our spaces are perfect workplace environments for corporates

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Augmented and Virtual Reality product demonstration

AR is the next stage in the evolution of the metaverse. We use AR developmental tools to make projects come to life

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Integrated metaverse marketing campaigns

Metaverse experiences need marketing solutions. Leveraging our market intelligence and marketing expertise, we deliver groundbreaking metaverse experience backed by industry leading marketing campaigns.

Who we are
The Metaverse Insider is the world’s leading metaverse publication and intelligence platform. As part of the wider Resonance family, the Metaverse Insider is leading the way in developing intelligent marketing solutions at a world class standard for clients.

Over the last year, we’ve been the dedicated news resource for thousands of metaverse enthusiasts worldwide and the trusted marketing partner of brands globally.

We leverage our full-stack dev team and partner with the leading developers and organizations globally to build enterprise-level metaverse events and experiences that are professionally marketed using integrated marketing campaigns
Why work with us
Industry players building events and entire metaverses for clients are missing a trick.

They often fail to bring in desired audiences due to poor marketing techniques and strategy.

We leverage our market intelligence and marketing reach to ensure success for our clients.
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