Edge is the Ultimate Web3 Creator Platform for Companies and Creators


Edge is the Ultimate Web3 Creator Platform for Companies and Creators

Influencer marketing is notoriously hard to get right, especially in the metaverse space. Currently, the market is heavily saturated with influencers, creators, and companies. Thus, saturation creates noise, and noise creates confusion. Hence, how do you know the perfect company to partner with as an influencer? And as a company, what stops you from being scammed by an unverified creator? Not much. This is where Edge comes in. Backed by trusted brands such as Play The Game Agency and Get Ground, it is the ultimate platform for web3 creation and influencer marketing.

Founded by Adam Edge, a former sports lawyer, and Jack Sanderson, a SaaS sales wizard, the platform focuses on streamlining the relationship between companies (brands, agencies) and influencers.

Edge makes your life easier by ensuring that your campaigns are delivered and that your creators perform, removing the guesswork.

But why Edge? Well, Edge is the only platform with verified creators and web3 rewards, making your transition into the metaverse easy and transitional. The platform enables you to create influencer campaigns with automated delivery and instant reporting, ensuring quality results while providing real-time analytics to understand your audience and campaign.

Likewise, it also features ultra links and fast payments to eliminate scams while offering web3 rewards for your creators. Thus for brands, the platform makes influencer marketing seamless and predictable, limiting the need to pay agencies high fees to work with their influencers.

For agencies, you can run campaigns of any scale with, enabling you to work with influencers with high engagement rates, meaning you pay for performance rather than reach and views, making Edge the perfect tool for agency-led campaigns.

For investors, the platform will enable you to unlock the potential of one of the fastest-growing markets in the world – the metaverse.

Of course, Edge is also the perfect home for creators and influencers. For creators, Edge is your creator passport, a platform where you can become a verified web3 creator, earn, get NFT rewards, and even acquire extra rewards through an Edge Creator pass.

An Edge Creator Pass enables you to earn 0.1-2.5% extra on campaigns. The creator pass was minted a few days ago, with 5475 passes available to those who had signed up to the platform as creators and had earned points by completing Edge missions through their social media accounts. The mint sold out in record time, with passes going to 5475 lucky holders.

But don’t worry, if you missed out, they are currently available on secondary markets like OpenSea.

Overall, Edge is the ideal platform for companies looking to expand their metaverse offering and for creators looking to become verified.

It ensures a seamless quality experience between brands/agencies and influencers. For more information about Edge, make sure to check out its website.

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