10 Cool Roblox Outfits You Must Try In 2023

Are you looking for cool Roblox outfits to stand out in the virtual world of Roblox? Whether you’re looking to express your unique personality, obtain bragging rights, or make a fashion statement, choosing the right style can be a game-changer. 

We’ve compiled a list of 10 cool Roblox outfits you must try in 2023. They range from futuristic cyberpunk ensembles to trendy streetwear styles and more. These outfits are guaranteed to make you the talk of the virtual towns for a memorable impression on other players. So, if you’re ready to up your fashion game, keep reading!

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About Roblox Outfits & Styles

Roblox outfits refer to the digital clothing items players can purchase or create for their avatars in the online gaming platform Roblox. Since the platform primarily depends on user-generated content, tons of unique styles are listed within the marketplace. Roblox Metaverse provides players with an extensive library of virtual clothing items, including tops, pants, shoes, hats, and accessories, that they can use to customize their avatar’s appearance.

Players can buy Roblox outfits with the virtual currency Robux, which can be earned by playing games or can also be purchased with real money. Some of these outfits are also free and can be redeemed using promo codes.

In addition to purchasing pre-made outfits, players can also create their custom outfits using Roblox Studio. This powerful tool allows players to design their clothing items and accessories using various customization options, including textures, colors, and patterns. Once an outfit is created, it can be uploaded to the Roblox library for others to purchase and wear. We summarized some of the best Roblox avatar ideas for you to style with these cool outfits.

Difference Between Roblox Outfits and Avatars 

We can summarize the difference between Roblox outfits and avatars as follows:

  • Purpose: Roblox outfits are used to change the outer appearance of your Roblox avatar, while avatar refers to the virtual representation of the user in the game. Players can customize an avatar’s body shape, skin color, and more.
  • Customization Options: Players can customize Roblox outfits with different clothes, colors, accessories, and gear, while avatars can have different body types, heads, faces, and limbs.
  • Cost: Roblox outfits can be purchased for a specific amount of Robux, the virtual currency used in Roblox. On the other hand, avatar customization is free and can be done through the avatar editor.
  • Availability: Roblox outfits are available in the Roblox marketplace and can be equipped only after purchasing. In comparison, avatar customization can be done at any time for free within the avatar editor. 

Whether players prefer to focus on customizing their avatars within the editor or by equipping unique outfits, the options available on Roblox allow for endless possibilities for self-expression and creativity.

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20 Cool Roblox Outfits

As we move into 2023, we have compiled a list of the ten cool Roblox outfits players should try out this year. From trendy streetwear to classic and historical costumes, there’s something for everyone on this list.

1. Soapisthebest2022 (Stylish Roblox Outfit For Girl)

Hot Outfit on Roblox Avatar

The “soapisthebest2022” is a Roblox outfit that embodies a stylish and edgy look. It is a collection of various accessories and clothing items, perfect for players who enjoy creating unique characters in the virtual world.

The first item in the outfit is the Stylish Red Dyed Black Layered Hair, a unique hairstyle with red highlights on black hair that adds a touch of flair to any character. 

The Fancy Stylish Glasses on Head is a pair of stylish glasses that give players an intellectual look. The white connected headphones (3.0) are a piece of tech equipment, adding a modern touch to the outfit.

The I love anime t-shirt is a casual t-shirt with a message for anime fans, adding a personal touch to the character. 

The black skirt + leg warmers uniform vamp swag y2k emo is a black skirt and leg warmers combination that adds a gothic edge to the outfit.

Finally, the Smug Nya Face (Light Skintone) is a facial accessory that adds a playful expression to the character, perfect for those who enjoy making lighthearted characters.

To obtain the “soapisthebest2022” outfit, players can purchase it for 227 Robux in Roblox’s virtual store. This price provides players with all the items necessary to create a stylish and one-of-a-kind character.

2. Xxsunsetboy (Underground Roblox Outfit)


Cool Outfit For Avatar

The “xxsunsetboy” Roblox style has become popular among players who want to express their individuality in the game. 

This cool outfit is inspired by streetwear and underground fashion, and it combines bold colors and unique accessories to create a trendy and eye-catching look.

The xxsunsetboy outfit includes several different elements, such as “Love stickers” that add a touch of personality to the look, “Black Demonic Horns” that make the player’s avatar stand out, and “NBA Black Jeans Red Sneakers Youngboy 4KT” that give the outfit a sporty feel. 

The “Black Messy Hair (1.0)” adds a touch of edge and rebellion, while the “:-o” and “plain red” accessories add additional pops of color to the outfit. The final touch is the “Cyber Sigil Maroon Y2K Crown,” which gives the player’s avatar a touch of futuristic and cyberpunk style.

You can purchase this unique and fashionable outfit for 341 Robux in the Roblox catalog, which will make any player stand out from the crowd. Whether you are looking for a trendy streetwear look or a bold and edgy fashion statement, the xxsunsetboy outfit is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to express their style in Roblox.

3. GreenRhettman (Urban Roblox Outfit For Boy)

GreenRhettman Cool Roblox Outfit

The “greenRhettman”  is a stylish and cool-looking Roblox outfit. This collection of items is designed for those who want to create a character with an urban edge.

One of the standout items in the outfit is the Oversized Deal With It Shades. These shades give your character a hip, sunglasses-wearing look. The Brown Hair w/ Snapback is a stylish hairstyle that adds a personality to your character, especially when paired with the snapback. 

The Aqua Blue Champion Hoodie is casual and comfortable in a bright blue color, adding a pop of color to the outfit. The Black Jeans with White Shoes is a simple yet stylish combination of classic black jeans and sleek white sneakers, perfect for everyday wear.

The Black Drawstring Bag is a functional accessory that adds a touch of practicality to the outfit, while the “:]” emoticon adds a playful touch. 

Finally, the NEW ICED OUT HEART BREAK CHAIN is a piece of jewelry that adds a touch of bling to the outfit, perfect for those who want to show off their style.

4. Daysosad (Fun Roblox Outfit)

Daysosad Roblox Gorilla

The “Daysosad” outfit is a fun and playful costume for Roblox players. This cool collection of items is designed for those who want to create a character with a wild and adventurous spirit.

At the center of this outfit is the Gorilla, a lovable and playful animal that adds a personality to your character. 

The Gorilla Shirt is a simple t-shirt with a cute gorilla image, perfect for animal lovers. The Gorilla Head is a standout accessory that transforms your character into a full-fledged gorilla with realistic fur and features.

You can purchase the “Daysosad” outfit for just 85 Robux in Roblox’s virtual store. This price gives players access to all the items they need to create a fun and unique character.

5. Iggbur (Casual Style Roblox Outfit)

Iggbur Boy Outfit

The “iggbur” outfit in Roblox is a mix of casual and street style. This 138 Robux outfit is designed to give you a trendy and versatile look. The Ripped Black Jeans paired with MU Black Sneakers will give you the perfect street-style vibe. 

The brown plaid sweatshirt adds a touch of comfort and coziness to your overall appearance. Accessorize your outfit with Simple Silver Circle Glasses to give it a touch of sophistication. A whistle is also included to add fun to the outfit. 

To complete the look, the outfit comes with Golden Headphones designed after popular YouTuber KSI, which you can wear while gaming or hanging out with friends. 

The Messy Boy Hair in Blonde adds a playful and adventurous touch to your appearance. Get this versatile outfit today and express your individuality with “iggbur.”

6. Brightliigh (Playful Roblox Outfit)

Brightliigh Roblox Outfit

The “brightliigh” Roblox style is perfect for players who love nature and the outdoors. This collection of items is designed to bring a touch of the natural world to your Roblox character.

The centerpiece of this outfit is the Mermaid Two-Tone Waves in Brown & Blonde hair, a beautiful and natural-looking hairstyle that will make your character stand out. 

The Cottagecore green pants are stylish and comfortable clothing that keeps your character looking fashionable and cozy.

Another essential accessory in this outfit is the Plush Green Axolotl Hoodie, a fun and playful hoodie with a cute and cuddly axolotl. The Green Axolotl Tail is the perfect accessory to complete the look and make your character look like a real axolotl.

Finally, the Cute Softie Green Frog Hoodie is a fun and playful hoodie that adds a touch of fun to this outfit. With a big smile and a cute hoodie, your character will be the life of the party.

The “brightliigh” outfit can be purchased for 219 Robux in Roblox’s virtual store. This price gives players access to all the items they need to create a stylish and playful character.

7. Braaxxxxx (Streetwear Roblox Outfit)

Braaxxxxx Roblox Outfit

You can obtain the “Braaxxxxx” outfit in Roblox for 422 Robux, the virtual currency used in the game. This cost gives players access to various items that can help create a stylish and unique character. 

To begin, there is the Silver Link Chain which adds a touch of sophistication to the look. Another accessory included is the Noob Hat, a classic piece that adds a playful vibe to the outfit. The Luxury Backpack in White is practical and adds a touch of luxury. 

The Michael Jordan Blue Chicago Bulls Hoodie Black is a nod to the basketball legend and a must-have for sports fans. The $.$, a symbol of wealth and success, also comes with the outfit. 

The Blonde Messy Fluffy Hair gives the character a carefree and cool look, while the NBA Youngboy Black Jeans White Jordans YB 4KT complete the streetwear style. Lastly, the Tropical City Shades add a touch of fun and style to the overall look.

8. Gdamian30 Roblox Style


Acquiring the “gdamian30” outfit on Roblox requires 133 Robux and provides several pieces of gear to create a street-style look.

The GENKNITE TRUCKER CAP in blue adds a pop of color to the outfit, while the Sigmund brings a touch of edge. The black jeans and white Jordans YB 4KT, combined with the Drip Drippy Black Puffer Jacket, exude a cool, casual vibe. 

The Short Box Braids add a trendy touch, while the NBA YOUNGBOY CHAIN adds a touch of bling to complete the look.

9. Chimken_nuggies17  (Anime Roblox Outfit)

The “chimken_nuggies17” is a Roblox outfit inspired by the character Yoriichi Tsugikuni from the anime and manga series, “Demon Slayer.” The outfit includes several accessories to give players a complete look as Yoriichi.

The Yoriichi Tsugikuni (Demon Slayer) accessory is the main piece of the outfit, representing Yoriichi’s appearance. The Rising Sun Earring is a golden earring shaped like a sun, adding extra detail to the outfit. 

The Demon Slayer Kimono is a traditional Japanese garment worn by Yoriichi, made of fine cloth and decorated with the rising sun emblem. Rogue Samurai Katana in Black is a weapon by Yoriichi with a sleek black design that gives the outfit a more menacing look. 

The Child of The Sun Hair is a golden hairpiece that matches the Rising Sun Earring, creating a consistent theme throughout the outfit. The Tenko, the Nine-Tailed Fox Face, is a mask inspired by the demon Yoriichi fought against, adding extra detail to the outfit.

Finally, the Mark of a Slayer Sticker [R] is a red emblem representing Yoriichi’s status as a demon slayer. Players can place this sticker on any surface in the game to show off their love for the series.

Players can purchase the “chimken_nuggies17” outfit for 295 Robux, Roblox’s virtual currency. This cost gives players access to all the accessories and equipment required to become Yoriichi Tsugikuni from “Demon Slayer.”

10. Bestgirl2m (Roblox Unique Style)

Girl Roblox Outfit

The “bestgirl2m” outfit on Roblox is a magical and whimsical creation. Perfect for those who love to embrace their inner witch. This outfit is a must-have for those who want to stand out and express their unique style.

It includes a wide variety of items to create a complete and cohesive look, including a purple pleated skirt, high socks, enchanted butterflies, a cute witch hat with roses, a big grin, long brown natural wavy hair, a lilac purple fairy cottage core tank top, and a mask. 

With all these items, players can easily create a character that embodies their playful and imaginative spirit. Players can purchase the “bestgirl2m” outfit for 405 Robux. It is well worth the cost for those looking to bring their creativity to life in the world of Roblox.

1.    GsQ_Evades

GsQ_Evades is the epitome of style and stealth in the world of Roblox avatars, combining sleek fashion with a no-nonsense attitude. From his black fedora and tactical headset to his red-sided hair and clean red spikes, every detail of his wardrobe has been carefully curated to create a confident and sharp personality. With a skin-colored head adorned with mysterious horns, GsQ_Evades’ overall appearance is both intriguing and alluring.

With a total of 890 Robux, GsQ_Evades is a prime example of how to create a chic and fashionable Roblox avatar while staying true to your personality. Whether this avatar is hanging out with friends or completing missions, it is sure to turn heads with its impeccable style and edgy flair.


2.    Nokisolo

Introducing the edgy and avant-garde avatar of the season – Nokisolo’s killer ensemble! Featuring a bold and daring Black Pierced Punk Hat, this outfit is perfect for those looking to make a statement. And let’s not forget the Elf Ears w/ White Piercings that add a touch of whimsy and fantasy to the look.

The striking White/Black Split Anime Hair is the perfect complement to the outfit’s punk vibes, while the plaid black shirt adds a touch of classic style. The Calm Anime Head (Red Eyes) is the ideal accessory to complete the ensemble, with its cool and collected expression.

And don’t forget about the ultra-trendy antisocial pants, perfect for those looking to add an extra edge to their look. With 300 Robux to spare, this avatar is a must-have for any fashion-forward individual looking to stand out from the crowd.


3.    [5kcelestino]

Looking to spice up your Roblox avatar? Check out 5kcelestino avatar idea that’s sure to turn heads! With just 100 Robux, you can achieve a sleek and stylish look that’s perfect for any occasion.

First, let’s start with the centerpiece of this outfit – the TanqR Bedwars Buddy. This accessory is a must-have for any fan of the popular Roblox game and is sure to add a touch of personality to your avatar. Pair it with a crisp white suit and black vest for a classic look that’s both elegant and timeless. For a more edgy vibe, swap out the white suit for a grey suit with a black vest.

Now, let’s talk hair. The Grunge Boy Hair in Black to White is the perfect finishing touch to this outfit. With its bold contrast and unique texture, it’s sure to make a statement wherever you go. So, what are you waiting for? Grab these items today and start turning heads with your new and improved Roblox avatar!


4.    BaconovichLoL

This outfit is not just stylish, but also incredibly cute! With the adorable Noob Shoulder Friend and the Bacon Buddy, this avatar is sure to turn heads. The Dark Matter, Shadowed Head, and Menacing items add a touch of mystery to the outfit, making it all the more intriguing.

The pop of purple from the new PurplePants and the Holiday Crown are a playful addition to the outfit, while the Pal Hair and Simple Black Circle Glasses provide a classic and timeless look. And who can resist the hashtag #NoFilter? This outfit is perfect for anyone who wants to show off their fun and playful side while still maintaining a touch of edge. This avatar can be made in 285 Robux!


5.    Chxshun

Meet the festive and fierce avatar of the season – the Nutcracker Assassin. With her striking black soft bangs, freckles, and cute full bangs, she is ready to steal the show. But don’t let her charming looks fool you, for she is also equipped with the deadly Sheathed Katana Set strapped to her back waist. The Christmas Nutcracker Cosplay pants and shirt add to her festive flair, while the Manga Mask – Worry covers her face, keeping her true identity a mystery.

The Nutcracker Assassin’s black low indie pigtails are a testament to her fearless spirit, while the glamorous red head bow serves as a bold contrast. With the perfect mix of holiday cheer and fierce determination, this avatar is ready to take on any challenge. And all this can be yours for just 72 Robux. Don’t miss the chance to add the Nutcracker Assassin to your collection and unleash her festive fury!


6.    Sergeant Gian

Sergeant Gian is ready to take on the town with this trendy and edgy outfit. Starting from the bottom up, he’s wearing sleek black biker shorts that show off his muscular legs. On top, he’s got a y2k aesthetic black t-shirt with a chain that screams emo and trendy. To add a pop of color, he’s got a bright orange bubblegum in his mouth, making him look like a confident bad boy.

To accessorize, Sergeant Gian has a whistle around his neck, perfect for signaling his squad. He’s also sporting a black bunny beanie, which adds a touch of cute to his overall edgy look. But what really steals the show is his messy boy middle part in blonde. It’s a bold statement that screams “I don’t care what you think”. To complete the look, he’s got a blonde messy fluffy hairdo that frames his face perfectly. This avatar costs a total of 328 Robux, but it’s worth it to look this cool.


7.    crowblox1000

Get ready to rock this cool and casual look with the Rode Clonny Games Hoodie [5] and the “Generic Straw Hat” [60] that adds a touch of classic style to your avatar. Let your confidence shine through with the Know-It-All Grin [25] that completes your laid-back vibe.

For the perfect bottom, slip into the Dream Green Pants with Shoes minecraft smp 2.0 [5] that offers comfort and style in one. Complete your outfit with the Black Messy Hairstyle [85], adding a touch of edgy coolness to your look. This entire outfit costs only 180 Robux, making it an affordable yet fashionable option for your avatar.


8.     RichJohnPlayz

Introducing the stylish avatar of RichJohnPlayz! This outfit is all about edgy streetwear with a touch of angelic grace. The centerpiece of this outfit is the RIH Shirt, complemented by the Graph Pants for a cohesive look. The Blonde Fluffy Middle Swept Hair adds a touch of youthful energy to the ensemble.

To bring out the rebellious spirit of the avatar, the Squiggle Mouth, and Sheathed Katana Set on the back waist are a perfect fit. The Fallen Halo adds a hint of celestial charm, while the Roblox Battle Cap rounds out the outfit with a dash of video game-inspired fashion. With a total of 334 Robux spent, RichJohnPlayz is sure to turn heads with this one-of-a-kind avatar.


9.    diamond_killa302p

Get ready to unleash your inner mysterious and sophisticated style with diamond_killa302p’s avatar outfit. The outfit features a sleek Black Suit and a classic White Suit ‘n’ Black Vest, offering a perfect balance of elegance and edge.

The avatar’s eyes stand out with the Disappearing Sinister Red Eyes, adding a touch of mystery and intrigue to the overall look. To complete the outfit, diamond_killa302p has added the Raven Hunter Hood from Tower Defense Simulator, a rare and coveted item that makes a bold statement.

With this outfit, you’ll be turning heads and catching everyone’s attention. It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking to make a statement and showcase their unique style on Roblox in just 60 Robux. So, get ready to strut your stuff and own the spotlight with this killer outfit!


10. WhiteSkulldevitionxx

The WhiteSkulldevitionxx avatar is a devilishly good look with an all-white theme. The centerpiece of the outfit is the White Demonic Horns, which give the avatar a fierce and intimidating appearance. Complementing the horns is the Faceless White Mask, which adds an air of mystery and anonymity to the avatar.

For weaponry, the White Demon Trident is an excellent choice, as it matches the white theme perfectly and adds a touch of danger to the avatar. The White Demon Tail is also a nice touch, adding another element of demon-like features to the avatar. To complete the outfit, the avatar is dressed in a white and grey pajama set with a simple yet stylish White Shirt w Black Thrasher Hoodie. The final touch is the White Messy Hairstyle, giving the avatar a wild and untamed look.

Overall, the WhiteSkulldevitionxx avatar is a stunning example of how an all-white theme can be used to create a cohesive and visually appealing outfit. The demonic elements of the outfit, combined with the white theme, make for a striking and memorable appearance.


How To Customize Your Roblox Outfit Style?

Customizing your outfit in Roblox is an easy and fun process that allows players to express their creativity and individuality. 

  • Log in: To begin, you must log in to your Roblox account. Click on the “Catalog” tab at the top of the screen. 
  • Browse Roblox Outfits: To create the perfect outfit for your character, you can browse various items in the Catalog, including clothing, accessories, and gear.
  • Buy Outfit: Once you have found the items you want to purchase, click on them and select “Buy for Robux” or “Buy for Tickets.” Robux is the virtual currency used in Roblox, while tickets are an older currency that has since been phased out. After purchasing your items, you can find them in your inventory, which you can access from the “My Roblox” tab.
  • Mix & Match Outfits: To wear your new items, you must go to your character and click on the “Outfits” tab. From here, you can select the items you want to wear and arrange them however you like. You can also mix and match items from different outfits to create a unique look.
  • Adjust Avatar’s Body: If you take customization to the next level, you can use the “Body Parts” tab to change your character’s appearance. This tab allows you to change your character’s body shape, skin color, and more.

Avatars in Cool Roblox Outfits

Where To Buy Roblox Outfits

You can purchase cool Roblox outfits on the official website under the “Catalog” section. Users can browse various categories in the Catalog, such as clothing, accessories, gear, and more. 

To purchase an outfit, select the item you want, click the “Buy” button. Complete the transaction using Robux or a credit card. You can also purchase outfits from other players in the Roblox Marketplace.  

The marketplace allows users to purchase outfits for a higher or lower price than their original value. The prices are dependant on the demand and rarity of the item.

5 Trending Roblox Styles in 2023

The world of Roblox is constantly evolving, especially regarding the latest trends in player customization. Here are some of the newest and most popular trends for cool Roblox outfits for 2023:

1. Cottagecore Roblox Style

Inspired by a pastoral lifestyle, Cottagecore outfits are characterized by flowery patterns, pastel colors, and a whimsical, fairy-like aesthetic. Players opt for frilly dresses, oversized sweaters, and cute accessories like wings and flower crowns.

2. Streetwear Roblox Style

Streetwear has been a popular trend in fashion for a while now, and it’s no different in Roblox. Players are sporting oversized hoodies, baggy jeans, and high-top sneakers in bold, bright colors.

3. Gamer Gear Roblox Style

Roblox is a gaming platform, and many players like to show off their love for video games through their outfits. Expect many game-themed hoodies, t-shirts, and accessories like gaming controllers and headsets.

4. Pop Culture Roblox Style

As always, pop culture continues to play a significant role in Roblox outfit trends. Players incorporate references to their favorite movies, TV shows, and celebrities into their outfits. Ranging from superhero costumes to iconic looks from Hollywood blockbusters.

5. Retro Vibes Roblox Style

The 90s and early 2000s are back in a big way. Roblox players are jumping on the trend with plenty of neon, oversized sunglasses, and classic hip-hop gear. This includes tracksuits and oversized gold chains.


In conclusion, Roblox is a virtual platform that offers its players a wide range of customization options. With its continuously evolving fashion trends, players always look for the latest and most fabulous outfits. 

The list of 10 cool Roblox outfits mentioned in this article highlights some of the trendiest styles in 2023. There is something for everyone in Roblox, no matter what your style is.  

So, go ahead and start exploring the vast virtual fashion world. Let your creativity shine with these cool Roblox outfits.

Key Points

  • Roblox Outfits are virtual clothing items in the online gaming platform Roblox that players can purchase or create to change their avatar’s appearance.
  • Players can purchase these outfits with “Robux” (virtual currency), which can be earned by playing games, bought with real money, or redeemed using promo codes.
  • Players can also create their custom outfits using Roblox Studio, a tool for designing and uploading custom clothing items to the Roblox library.
  • The difference between Roblox Outfits and Avatar is that outfits change the appearance of the avatar, while avatar refers to the virtual representation of the user. Players can customize and purchase costumes for a specific amount of Robux, while avatar customization is free.
  • The article lists the ten best cool Roblox outfits to try in 2023, including “xxsunsetboy,” inspired by streetwear and underground fashion, “chimken_nuggies17” inspired by the character Yoriichi Tsugikuni from “Demon Slayer,” and more.
  • Roblox offers players various customization options with constantly evolving fashion trends.
  • Popular Roblox outfit trends in 2023 include Cottagecore, Streetwear, Gamer Gear, Pop Culture references, and Retro Vibes.
  • Outfits can be purchased on the official Roblox website or from other players on the Roblox Marketplace, with prices varying based on demand and rarity.


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